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About Us and Who we are

ContractorsBidding.com is a Long Island; New York based company providing referral services between private home owners and contractor service professionals. ContractorsBidding.com is one of the largest nationwide online portals with very advance features and attributes currently providing more than 250 professional services that cater to both residential and commercial projects some of those are: additions, remodeling, concrete, masonry, carper, cleaning, decks, fences, electrical, plumbing, flooring, tiles, heating, cooling, kitchen, bath, landscaping, painting, stucco, roofing, gutters, siding, windows, doors, and many more other home repairs.

ContractorsBidding.com is committed to provide you with the best referrals available by taking the project details from you and get you 3 estimates from top rated industry service contractor professionals located in your area. We operate the business with intent focus on delivering excellent customer service and positive user experiences.

At ContractorsBidding.com, we highly value project owners and service professionals their needs come first. We when say it we truly mean it. Don’t just rely on what we say but come and try our services for free. Click here to try our services.


Benefits with ContractorsBidding.com

Contractorsbidding.com is a web portal with a wide national presence bringing home owners and decorating & building companies together on a single platform. The listing is very carefully done and the selection of decorators and builders is unique in US.  

If you look at our vetting you will observe that the quality delivered is unique and we make sure that only best of the General contractors find place in our coveted listings. Our listings will have Team of professional contractors specializing in painting, kitchen fitting, house extension or decoration Painting contractors on your budgets. Their rates will be highly competitive and within your requirements. You will also find labor suppliers and best of the material suppliers, all what you want for a successful project completion.

Contractorsbidding.com operations are very broad and across the whole of Unites States. With a big presence in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC our services extend on to Florida, Kentucky, Delaware, Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Montana Dakotas, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Iowa California, Washington State Arizona and other states as well. Our broad presence compliments our broader service areas with the best of the quality which we are known for.

Who knows better than us regarding how possessive you are with your project and customizing your needs is our specialty. We have been operating for a very long period and over the years we have gained the experience to carry out all types of US building and construction projects with the same ease. We have been specializing in the fields of re modeling, home renovation, interior decorations and of course your home extensions.

Our priority is on building relations and our clients are the most important assets for us. We have always tried our best to extend our services to the fullest and with extreme satisfaction of our clients. They have found our services at each and every stage of their work or project however large or small it is. We have successfully presented very friendly budgets and our clients are very happy at our time bound completion of projects.

We have a very comprehensive set up and we tend to provide our client satisfactory project completions in form of their buildings and residential constructions. With best after completion services you will find saving thousands of dollars by relying upon us. We will appreciate your feedback and Thank you for the time you have spent for going through the content and hope we are successful in our endeavors.

We thank you and appreciate taking the time to browse the Leads and General Contractors.