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The tradition continues with Stonewood, now led by J. Sven Gustafson. Our team of professional project managers has vast experience in the industry and are trained to build according to the highest standards for custom building defined by Stonewood. They enjoy the rigor and stability of working at Stonewood and build only a select few homes each year to ensure that each home and client receives the necessary time and effort to coordinate, immerse in the project and interact with the daily requirements of each home. J. Sven GustafsonSven Gustafson grew up the son of a home builder, learning the aspects of fine home building from the bottom up. Working summers for his father, Sven spent a lot of time on job sites and interacting with clients. I always thought of my father as an artist, on a large scale and knew that I wanted to follow in his footsteps as I developed my company. Sven works with all of Stonewood's clients from the inception of their project assisting in architect interviews, aiding in the selection of a building site, and overseeing the project throughout construction.


153 East Lake Street , MT , BAKER , 59313

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  • Flatwork
  • House Tile Exterior
  • Install a Kitchen Cabinet
  • Foam Crown Molding
  • Basement Addition
  • Exterior Design
  • Interior Design
  • Custom Home Building

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