Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for www.ContractorsBidding.com contractor's profile membership?

www.ContractorsBidding.com contractor's Basic profile membership is free for all members, only when the contractors is willing to upgrade their membership to Premium they need to submit the fee for the Premium upgrade.

Do you ensure any leads for the contractor members at www.contractorsbidding.com?

No, we do not ensure any leads for the contractors on the web site; all interactions at www.ContractorsBidding.com are based on the free will of the home owners and contractors. www.ContractorsBidding.com's goal is to bind or bring together the home owners and contractors in one place.

Who would be liable or should be hold accountable for the false leads or contact information that we purchase from your web site?

www.ContractorsBidding.com can not be held accountable of the false leads; that would be left at the home owner's good will or integrity. We can only suggest that you monitor closely the posted leads on our website or posted directly to you even you may have to react or quote as quickly as possible to get the job or lead.

Is www.ContractorsBidding.com responsible for the works or jobs conducted by the member contractors on the web site?

No, www.ContractorsBidding.com is not responsible and can not be held responsible for any work or jobs conducted by the member contractors. Our only goal here is to provide the contractors with the contact information of the home owner. All the jobs that are conducted between the contractors and the home owners need to be bonded with some kind of agreement or contract with is both parties responsibility in this case that is the member contractor and the home owner.

How can we tell if the member contractors at www.ContractorsBidding.com are professional at their jobs and projects that they have completed?

There is a star rating system and comments about the contractors rated and posted by the home owners integrated at www.contractorsbidding.com. That system will tell you about their Performance, quality, professionalism and alike attributes so you can decide if you want to pass your project.

Can a Home Owner cancel or withdraw the posted lead as home owner from the web site?

Yes, as a home owner you can de-activate, cancel or withdraw your leads from the web site at any time. We suggest and count on your integrity when you are posting a lead on the web site; also please respond either way to the contractors that will be trying to contact you after you post a lead on the web site.

Do we need to post pictures accompanied with the lead description?

No, you don't have to post pictures of the lead however if you do post pictures of the project that you are trying to outsource will help the contractors easily quote on your project and contact you.

General Information
By posting a lead or creating a contractors profile you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of www.ContractorsBidding.com web site.

If you do have any questions or suggestions in regards the web sites please feel free to submit your questions and suggestions via the form located below. Your questions and suggestions will be taken into considerations by web site administrators and will be addressed accordingly in a timely manner.

We thank you and appreciate taking the time to browse the leads and contractors on www.ContractorsBidding.com