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There two major contractor memberships offered in here one is what we call “Basic” is a free for all potential member contractors and one what we call “Premium” which costs $49.95 a moth and there is commitment to it you can discontinue anytime you like.

“Basic” profile or membership is free of charge and is limited in activities on the site you can see the jobs or bids read the details but you can’t bid on them or use the Internal messaging system to communicate with the project owners and also it will not display all your information on your public profile neither.

“Premium” profile or membership is full blown profile with unlimited features that you will allow you to use the resources n the site to the fullest. You can display all your details on your public profile, the system will provide you with a publicly accessible url that you can use on your business cards if you like. Basically that url can server as your personal mini website that your clients can reach you at and check your projects and ratings with the projects. Your profile will be indexed by the web spiders which will allow it to be rendered as a search result for your business name or anything related to your profile which is a big plus and many more features that are not listed in here that list can go on and on.

It is recommended that you describe yourself in great detail, upload pictures of projects you have done, and have a colorful resume of completed projects on the business card page that is provided for you.  Make sure that you use a unique content when you describe yourself in here do not copy and paste the information from elsewhere since that can penalize your profile so to say since those profiles are indexed by major web bots.

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This form page and homeowners membership is a free for all potential member home owners. Homeowner members can view the contractors’ profiles and can invite the contractors to bid on your projects.

Homeowners can just publish their projects on the site and have the contractors in the area provide you with quotes for the project and you can select the best among them.

Homeowners are accountable for the projects posted by them and they reserve the right to modify, recreate, de-activate, cancel and withdraw their leads from the site.

Thank you for using as your source for reliable contractors and professionals.