What are the Important Tools for Carpet Installation in California?

First of all, let us tell you, if it’s a complicated, large home project, we honestly recommend calling up a professional. Keep in mind that getting the vital tools to install carpet and installing carpet is not a common instinct.

But if it’s a small home project you can do it on your own with some patience and hard work. Basically carpet installation can be done by a professional who inspects your house and gives recommendation to replace some carpet in your living room.

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Without further ado, let’s discuss the tools important for successful carpet installation –

  • Carpet Seam Roller – It is a handy tool to meld two carpet pieces after you seam them together. It can be used to fluff up the carpet.

  • Linoleum Knife – You can use other knives or tools, but linoleum knife is something you need. It will slice and cut the carpet easily and use it to tuck in the carpet if you do stairway.

  • Large Magnet – It can serve two purposes – to suck up the staples on the floorboard after tearing the original carpet and as a weight over seamed carpet edge.

  • Carpet Tape – To attach pieces of carpet with each other, use it on the underside. You can get different types of carpet tapes, such as fiberglass-based and no-heat type.

  • Power Stretcher – It is, by far, the most essential tool to install carpet. Use it with a tail which digs into the carpet and stretch the carpet to ensure good it. You may also like knee kicker which serves the same purpose but cannot get best stretch. Power stretcher is better tool that you can borrow or rent, as it is little costly.

  • Trimmer and Trowel – These tools are helpful to tuck in the carpet off the wall and get a crisp, clean trimmed edge when cutting the carpet.