Are Carpet Powders Harmful for Cleaning Carpets in DE?


When carpet starts smelling, most homeowners just rush to the closest dollar store and bring home some carpet powders for cheap and quick fix. Does it work?


You never know that you are unintentionally causing harm to the material, and most important, your family?


Are They Safe?

Carpet powders have been in use for years to make rooms smell inviting and fresh and remove smells. Are these odor removal carpet cleaners safe to use at our homes? Do they work with your routine cleaning?


Consider these drawbacks before buying them –


  • Allergies – No one wants to face such seasonable nuisances. Any kind of deodorizer can increase and worsen the symptoms. So choose the one with “hypoallergenic” label, even if they are homemade.
  • Pets and Kids – Our pets are much like our kids, and our kids are, of course, special. Most of the carpet cleaners have toxic chemicals. Kids and pets love the floors. They roll around and even play with it through their faces. 
  • Absorbed in Fibers – If you don’t have industrial or professional grade vacuum, powders will stick to the carpet fibers over time. If it happens, bacteria build up and degrade air quality and cause allergies.
  • Liquid Deodorizers – Like powders, liquid deodorizers also penetrate to the core and damage your new carpet. It can also void the warranty.


Safe Options

You should understand what you are using on your carpet or what you have for cleaning your carpet. With so many pleasant smells these days out there, you will definitely want your living room to feel like a flowery garden. Before choosing any cleaner, ask your carpet dealer and check labels before buying any product.


Take your time for your family’s wellbeing and safety. Look for the products that are eco-friendly or natural, and have lowest amount of chemicals. Be mindful and take precautions to preserve your carpet. Use safe products to avoid any harmful agent that can void its warranty.


When it comes to carpet cleaning, it is better to seek professionals like carpet installers in Delaware. They can provide the perfect tools for cleaning that are safe for your home and your family.


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