Preparing for Carpet Installation – What Carpet Installers in LA Expect?


So you have done your research and decided the best carpet for your home and where to get it from. It’s time to look for carpet installers in Louisiana from a reliable source like Contractors Bidding which is the No.1 source that lists all types of contractors across the US. But for getting the best carpet installation LA, you should follow these tips before they arrive at your home -


Remove the Clutter

Even though you have installers to replace and remove furniture, you still have to remove several items before they come. Unless they assure you that they will do almost everything and there is no need to do anything for you, you have to move small accessories and items off the way. For example, move the contents in a bookshelf, items on a dresser, perishable items, and large floor cushions. 



Vacuum is probably the most vital step to consider before they arrive. No one will like to get their hands dirty through a dirty floor. Consider the professionals who will be giving you a beautiful and new carpet. If you want installers to remove the carpet, give a complete, good vacuuming just before removing it. If you remove the carpet yourself, be sure to sweep the floor or vacuum underneath, so you can have a clean, nice space to work on.


Tack Strips

If you remove the carpet yourself, is it worth to get the tack strips off the perimeter of room? You may leave them in place and reuse with new carpet. If you suffered major water damage, or showing other signs of breakage, they should be replaced well. Always discuss the same with installers and ask if they can bring the strips, because they may not bring without telling you beforehand.