What are Low VOC Carpets? Why choose it for Carpet Installation MD?


VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are found in a lot of daily use products, from hairspray to paint and they doesn’t smell linger for a long time. It is also found in carpets too and it is not good for your health. So, choose low-VOC carpet for carpet installation in Maryland.

Benefits of low VOC Carpet

With all the flooring options out there, choose lowest VOC emission for carpet installation MD. This way, you can save yourself and your family from the health issues in future, such as breathing problems like COPD, Asthma etc., fatigue, allergy irritation, musty scents and odors.


After getting new carpet installation Maryland, it is very important to ventilate your room to remove all the toxic fumes. VOCs fade away within 1 to 2 days of installation. So, air out the area to fasten the process.


Choose Carpet Brands Offer Low VOC products

Green carpeting is no longer available in the market. This way, Shaw Carpet and Mohawk carpet provides low VOC carpet products and adhesives. These are the leading brands to provide some of the safest and best carpet flooring in the industry. After all, protection of your family is your first concern. 


At Contractors Bidding, you can find the carpet installer jobs in Maryland, read recommendations and reviews about installers in your area and ask for references. Ask for certifications with the carpeting and ensure healthy indoor living.


How to Maintain Healthy Carpet?

Carpeting is supposed to cause allergies and various respiratory problems. But reality is just opposite.  Carpets trap all the irritants like dander, dust, and other bacteria with its fibers. This way, it prevents circulation of these irritants in the air.


With regular carpet maintenance and vacuuming, you can easily extract these culprits and ensure better air quality. With regular vacuuming, you can also remove VOCs in carpet. Be sure to clean the carpet every 12 to 18 months, as per manufacturer’s recommendations.


Along with preserving longevity of carpet, it also helps keep your room healthy. The manufacturers also recommend professional carpet cleaning service to maintain its warranty.


Why to Install Low VOC Carpet?

Carpet is found most commonly in homes these days. This type of flooring is installed in 70% of residences in the US. It provides better traction and they are comfortable and soft. If you want to install the carpet, you can find different choices. There are different types and manufacturers of carpet to count on.