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Is Free Carpet Installation NH a Good Deal for Me?


There is nothing that can feel better than free, especially when making expensive purchases like a new carpet. Is it a good deal?


You may get some free deals. For example, you may get a free pair of socks from a shoe store, for a limited time, at least. In case of flooring, carpet installation NH is a service and employees should be paid. We all understand that cost should be carried somewhere else.


If you want your carpet to be professionally installed, you should start your search for carpet installers in New Hampshire. At Contractors Bidding, you can compare their services and choose the best installer for your home project.


Here’s what to consider for low-cost and free carpet installation



If a company provides free installation, it must be imposing some limitations –

  • Buy a certain type of pad which can be helpful to increase total cost
  • The cost of carpet should be charged over a specific amount. For the lowest price carpet, you may have to pay up to $1 per sq. ft. for free installation.
  • Additional services shouldn’t be added in free installation


Other Options

You may not get much beyond the minimum with low-cost and free installation. You may want to go beyond minimum to get the job done properly. Some of the extra charges which might be necessary or optional are –

  • Stair Installation – Stairs are not at every house. Even homes with stairs don’t need new flooring always.
  • Furniture Moving – A heavy-duty task should always be done by carpet installers.
  • Disposal and Removal of Old Furnishing – If you are not engaged on the task of installation on your own, you may not be engaged in the task of removing old product. It can be annoying job. So, you should hire anyone to get the job done.