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How Much Does It Cost to Install Carpet in New Jersey?


You may have definitely seen the ads about several home improvement stores which mention that they charge a fixed price to install any carpet in their store, or sometimes free. It is something that everyone wants to upgrade their interior. But you should always know about hidden charges.


But there are some sites like Contractors Bidding where you can find carpet installer jobs in New Jersey and compare prices. On average, the labor cost of most installations is around $3 to $6 per yard. Extra costs may include –

  • Fees for returning and moving furniture which can add around $2 for each sq. yard.
  • Removing and discarding already-existing carpet which could increase the rate by $4 per yard extra.
  • Fees for installing Berber rugs that can run extra at $3 per yard
  • If space is not uninterrupted, cutting charges may be calculated extra.


When added all these charges, it could mean around $18 per sq. yard or above along with fixed-rate $5 per yard for Carpet Installation New Jersey. It is why contract should be drafted with installer and every price range should be accepted and identified.


The cost and material for Carpet Installation NJ is discussed for standard family room, measuring up to 16’x16’ (256 sq. ft. in size), with no special cutting needs or unusual angles.


Well, it cannot be a DIY kind of project? It is because carpet installation in NJ takes some specialized tool and knowledge to install a padding and rug. It also needs a powerful carpet stretcher you have to use. A lot of homeowners don’t have such equipment.


Here’s the Cost Breakdown to understand it better


Selection of Carpet – It can cost up to $2 per sq. ft. or it can go high at $100 per sq. ft. On average, the cost of pad and carpet combined is around $30 to $40 per sq. yard, i.e. for around $995 in total for carpeting. You need to also choose the pad and it comes in different range of styles and qualities.


Installation – For the project, if a family moves the furnishing themselves, but accepts the extra $4 per sq. yard of fees for disposal and removal, the total fee for installation is $252 with $5 per yard of base rate.


Add new Thresholds, Moldings, and Basement Replacement in your project. It is something which needs a carpenter to finish and increase the overall budget by around $250.