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Give Appealing Look To Exposed Surfaces


Are you looking to remodel the pool areas or looking to modify the sidewalks of your property? Are you planning to make your patio more attractive? Prefer exposed aggregate concrete driveway to enhance the beauty of driveway to a large extent. Prefer exposed aggregate concrete for all your needs with regards surface modifications.

What is Concrete Aggregate?
Basically concrete aggregate is a style of decorative concrete which is a mixture of aggregates and paste. The aggregates are sand, gravel, crushed stones; while the paste is a mixture of cement and water. The concrete aggregate gets stronger and stronger when it ages. The concrete aggregate also consist of a recycled aggregate. In simple words, concrete aggregate is a mixture of paste and aggregates (rock and sand). Such exposed concrete aggregate makes a great and cost-effective option to add visual interest to the surfaces. It is highly demanded to offer a brilliant look to pool sides, walkways, driveways, and patios. It is the most effective way to beautify the surfaces at completely reasonable cost. Concrete aggregate service providers can help you to get the desired effect for such surfaces.

Why choose exposed Concrete Aggregate only?

Here are a few benefits of using exposed concrete aggregate:

  • Exposed concrete surfaces are exceptionally durable and can holds up very well in heavy traffic
  • The concrete aggregate can endure extreme weather
  • A wide choice of colors and decorative patterns are available to choose from
  • Almost all aggregate & concrete testing services suggest their clients to go for aggregate concrete because these surfaces require not much maintenance. Occasional cleaning the concrete with water is sufficient
  • The exposed aggregate driveways are always safe and are skid-resistant. As layered with small stones on the surface, it makes the driveways a texture and are more unlikely to slip and fall


Choice of finishes
There are different finishes available to choose from for the exposed aggregate concrete driveways. You can either have polished concrete or honed concrete. There are several exposure methods available to offer the desired look to the driveways. Brushing and wash is the oldest and simplest method while using surface retarder is a new technique used in laying the aggregate concrete. Abrasive blasting is another technique but is not a good option if you have the plan to preserve the shape and color of the surfaces.

The most common aggregates of the mineral origin are gravel, sand and also crushed rock. Aggregates suppliers near me should be able to provide aggregates which are suitable for the requirement keeping the quality factor in mind.

While choosing decorative aggregate, it is vital to keep in mind that the type you choose determines the color palette of the finish and it has an impact on the project’s overall cost. You can achieve more stunning effects with the use of advanced techniques. Be smart to consult the professional contractor who will guide you in choosing an ideal decorative aggregate for your project.

Laying the aggregate concrete surface
When it comes to laying the aggregate concrete surface, most of the homeowners hire the professional services. Most homeowners lack the knowledge and experience of pouring, exposing, washing, and sealing the concrete surface. It is a lengthy process and can take several weeks. It is best to let a professionally exposed aggregate sealer do the task of laying aggregate concrete surface.

Hiring the professional aggregate suppliers near me is the best way to get your work done excellently. Rather, hiring the professional contractor for laying exposed aggregate concrete ensures you enjoy remarkable benefits such as:

  • The professional aggregate concrete services are expert in laying exposed aggregate concrete
  • They are properly trained for using advanced techniques, tools, and equipment to offer more spectacular effects
  • Hiring the professional offer you excellent value for your money
  • Professional aggregate concrete services strive to provide quality services to all clients on time and on budget
  • The professionals are always committed to customer satisfaction
  • These people possess extensive experience and can offer you good advice on selecting the finest option that can best suit to your requirements
  • The licensed and certified concrete services are well-versed with legal formalities and codes for laying exposed driveways, pool decks, patios, verandas, sidewalks, etc. They arranges for all legal permissions and inspections
  • Hiring the professional contractors enables you enjoy peace of mind as you are rest assured that everything is taken good care by the contractor


Well, hiring the professional for laying exposed aggregate concrete is not an easy task. Going through the long procedure of tracing the right dealer might be time consuming and cumbersome for you. The best way to locate the reputable and trusted contractor dealing in aggregate industries is to contact the Contractors Bidding. This is a company that can make your work easier. Contractors Bidding is always there to help you find the contractors as per your needs. Whether you are looking aggregate services for laying exposed aggregate concrete driveways, sidewalk ways, patios, or for pool decks; you can approach Contractors Bidding which will serve you the list of reputed contractors ensured of quality of materials, skills, and workmanship.