Baseboards Wood Trim

Beautify Your Home Using Baseboard Wood Trim

When it comes to decorating your home, you can have a variety of ideas. Varieties of choices are available to add value to your home. Painting the walls, beautiful furniture, showpieces, and many more can interior designing can make your home look beautiful. Wood trims are one of such great ideas. Baseboard trims are great options for home décor. Using baseboards wood trim you can beautify your home. Let us discuss the baseboard wooden trim styles and ideas!

About baseboards trim

Baseboard trim is a board that covers the lowest part of an interior wall. Basically, it is for covering the joint between the floor and the wall surface. Baseboards trim operates the feet of walls where it meets the floor. In architect, it is also called as skirting, skirting board, floor molding, or base molding.

Benefits of adding baseboards trim

Besides for decorating the home, the baseboard trims are extremely functional and ideal for protecting the wall from damages. The benefits they serve include:

  •     Keeps dirt from getting under the walls
  •     Protects the bottom edge of the wall from getting broken
  •     Prevents insects from getting into the home
  •     Protects the bottom of the wall from vacuum bumps and scratches

Baseboards trim ideas

There are amazing ways to decorate the feet of wall. You can choose from numerous baseboard trim styles that can match your home’s décor. They are also available in the variety of materials, height, shape, and sizes. You can have customized skirting wood trim ideas that can match to your wall’s colour and the furniture. You can have simple plank nailed, glued, or screwed to the wall.

You can have a room full of choices when it comes to adding value to your home with base trim. Plastic baseboards, Vinyl baseboard, wooden baseboard, metal baseboard, etc. offer number of baseboard styles to choose from. Well, wooden baseboards are very common and are highly demanded as that of vinyl, plastic, or metal baseboards.

Well, there are several options open to wooden baseboard trim styles. You need to decide which type of trim will work best for your space and flooring. MDF, pine, and hardwood are the common materials used for baseboards trim. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the best one depends on your taste, budget, home’s interior, the climate, their availability, and many more factors.

MDF baseboard trimming

MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is the most affordable and ideal baseboard trimming option for interior wood trimming. MDF has a consistent texture that makes it easy to cut and sculpt into different shapes and designs. MDF baseboard can also be painted so as to match the baseboard with your wall colour or that can complement the home’s flooring. It is a great, budget-friendly option to decorate your home. It doesn’t require much effort to create numerous kinds of the base panel that can match to your needs. The MDF interior wood trim can adjust through 1 to 2 feet high and can be glued to each other easily.

Pine baseboard trimming

Pinewood trim is yet another option to have affordable and inexpensive wooden baseboard trimming. To offer most organic look to your home décor, the best idea is choosing pine baseboard trimming styles. It can be coloured, varnished, stained, or can be preserved with its organic condition as per your taste. If you do not color the pine wood trim, it can offer the most traditional element to your room with its knots and blemishes. Rather, its knots and blemishes offer a textured look to the baseboards trim. Such baseboard moldings come in dimensions from 1 to 2 feet.

Hardwood baseboard trimmings

Though hardwoods are expensive, they are durable and long lasting and that is why most of the homeowners prefer adding hardwood baseboards. Oak, walnut and many more hardwoods are the highest quality and best options to consider for baseboard trimmings. The hardwoods like oak, walnut, etc. offer tremendous flexibility when it comes to match existing trim or to get an exact stain. Rather, they can be customized to your preferences. They offer an elegant look to your home décor. Oak is the most popular spices that can be used to match any wood in your home. No doubt, oak, and other hardwood is the best choice if you are staining the trim to match existing molding. Hardwood baseboards trim offers high-end appearance to any home.

With all the styles and materials to choose from the perfect baseboards trim can be the one that can match your home’s interior and the budget you have. Before you decide the option, do your homework and consider all the options those are available in decorative wood trim. Prefer hiring the Contractor Bidding who always promises to serve quality baseboards trim to match your home’s style at a reasonable rate. CB baseboards trim always serve high-end appearance to any home.