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If your family is standing in line to share a bathroom or you have always dreamed of relaxing in a jetted bathtub, nothing will be better than “Bathroom Additions”. A new bathroom adds value to your home. Buyers usually consider the number of bathrooms should be equal to the number of bedrooms.


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Here at CB, we help you find out a reputable Bathroom Addition contractor near your area who fits your budget and meet your expectations. If you live in any major city, including San Francisco, Dallas, or New York, Contractors Bidding will assist you to look for local and experienced contractors.

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Adding a new bathroom is truly exciting for any homeowner. It is also a daring decision because one wrong step can spoil your dream and investment. But with CB, you take the first step towards your dreamed bathroom effortlessly.

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You bid from contractors at free of cost. All you need to do is sign up for free and post your project. Local bathroom contractors will start bidding on your project, providing you with multiple bathroom addition estimates. You simply need to choose the bidding that suits your interest and budget.

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Asking for quotes comes with no commitment from your side. It means you are totally free to hire any contractor of your choice after comparing their quotes.

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CB is committed to working with only screened contractors so your project will be at the right hands. Professional contractors are registered with us. They have years of experience in bathroom addition. You can be insured to get expected services.

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CB will help you get the best deal regardless of the size of your project. You are looking for whether a simple bathroom or a luxurious one, CB has a list of contractors who are ready to take up each project with same enthusiasm.

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From the comfort of your home looking for bathroom addition/bathroom remodelling contractors near me is an amazing experience. Our user-friendly search feature helps you locate contractors quickly. You save lots of time.

But remember timing is not based on the size of your bathroom. The project completion time for a big sized bathroom and a smaller one could be almost same. The contractors must have to come across all the same steps required for adding a large bathroom.

Save Money

Money plays a big role in remodelling or adding a bathroom. We all know that it can influence your overall budget. With CB, you get estimates from contractors that will give you a clear picture of expenditure. It saves your money by preventing you to hire contractors with pricey deals. Bidding creates competition among contractors that ultimately benefits the project owner.

Other Advantages

Aside from looking for a suitable contractor, we help you to choose the best bathtub, tiles and other bathroom fixtures. We try our best to guide you all important aspects of bathroom additions.

Guide to Hire an Addition Pro

There is a big difference between upgrading an existed bathroom and adding a new one. It’s worth to get quotes from at least 3-4 contractors to find the best deal. Adding a bathroom is usually more costly than adding rooms because it requires specific types of plumbing, electricity, heating & ventilation.

As you all know adding a bathroom increases the value of your home. But how much you will recoup simply depends on where you stay in the country. The ROI (return on investment) can be different from city to city and year after year.


Key Components of Bathroom Additions Shower/Tub

It is a prime addition to a bathroom. Carefully go through the location where you want to install the tub. Weight should be moderate. Amenities need to be watched out like jets, built-in seating, lighting and aromatherapy.


The selection of tiles greatly influences the feeling of the space. Light coloured tiles are suggested if you have installed a small tub to get the feeling of a spacious bathroom. Whatever the colour and material you choose, use the tiles not bigger than 6 inches in the shower area.


Sleek and modern fixtures provide an updated look. A low, sleek toilet would be considered for tall people. Sinks are available in different shapes and finishing like copper, gold-plate, stainless steel and more. Explore the market to know the latest trends.


Installing a new bathroom means an installation of new plumbing. To curb the cost of plumbing, you can choose the location of a new bathroom closer to existing plumbing. Hire a licensed contractor to get plumbing services according to local codes. The bathroom addition cost is varied as per the layout of the existing plumbing and the purpose to add a new bathroom (for guests, bedroom, master bath etc…)

Half bath or Full Bath

A full bath will increase the value of your home by around 20% whereas a half bath can increase to 10%. A half bath should have a mirror, a sink, and a toilet. Here the dream of a jetted tub and a large closet sacrifices. But with a full bath, you can find your dreamed bathroom. Watch out our budget before taking a decision of half or full bath.

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring Addition Contractors

Before hiring anyone to do your bathroom addition, you need to ask some questions. It will be helpful in locating a well-trained contractor. If you avoid asking these questions you may end with paying more and may not get work satisfaction.

Can I itemize my bid?

Some contractors like to give a total price for an entire project. With itemized bid, you will have a much clear picture of how much you will pay for each stage of the project. You will also come to know about any extra charge.

Is this a fixed price or an estimate?

An estimate is just a guess to let you know how much you may pay. The actual cost can go up or down. Most contractors like to give an estimate rather than a fixed price because of unknowns.

How long have you been working locally?

We suggest you hire a contractor who has years of experience working locally. Make sure the contractor has an actual address, a personal phone, and email address. Local contractors are in touch with local vendors and subcontractors. You can easily come to know about the reputation of these contractors.

Who are your suppliers?

Knowing from where your potential contractor gets the materials can help you analyse the quality of work you may get. If contractors buy a material from wherever it is cheapest, they are not going to provide quality work. So this is an essential question to ask.

Who will be working with the contractor, and can I meet them?

Some contractors are more like managers. They are busy in dealing with clients and vendors. They lead a team of workers. You can ask to meet these workers face to face and request the contractor to show a current job site where they have worked to evaluate their work performance.

When will the work start?

Be fluent to ask for the schedule the work will start. It may possible that the contractor will start your work until the current project is finished.

How will you protect the area around the worksite?

Ask this question before the work begins and the dust starts flying. Construction can influence not only you but also your neighbors. The contractor may advise you how to set up your things before the crew arrives.

How can I keep in touch with you?

It’s good if you get daily updates of your project. Face to face communication in a week is a great way to know how the work progress is going on. You can easily share your ideas to get your dreamed bathroom.

How do you handle change orders?

Change orders are normally in form of a document where it is clearly stated the change in work and price. Both the client and the contractor sign off the document if any change is required. It helps to resolve any dispute or problem.

What paperwork will I get after the work is finished?

You get end-of-project paperwork when the work is done. It contains lien releases, marked-up plans influencing all modifications, copies of inspections, maintenance instructions for bathroom tiles, tub etc…, operating manuals for equipment installed in the bathroom, and much other project-related documentation.

So, get ready to browse to hire an experienced & best-rated contractor near your area!