Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

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Add Elegance To Your Bathroom With Pedestal Sinks


If you are remodeling your home or just updating the bathroom, it is worth to go with something unique and other than a sink with a cabinet. Choose pedestal sink for your bathroom instead of vanity sinks. Pedestal sink consists of sink basin and a pedestal only that saves a great space in your bathroom, making it airy and breathable.

Simple and Elegant Addition

Pedestal sinks can bring drama and elegance to your bathroom. It makes the bathroom look attractive and beautiful. Available in various styles and designs, pedestal sinks guarantees you a dramatic change that you have been looking for your bathroom.

Versatile Styles to Choose From

Pedestal sinks comes in various styles, designs, shapes sizes, colors, finish, etc. You can have a single hole faucet or a three hole faucet as per your needs. They are available in white, black, gray, almond, biscuit, and copper color. You are always served with huge choices in pedestal sinks made with variety of materials including ceramic, metal, glass, granite, or stone. It really makes a great difference the shape of pedestal sink that you choose for your bathroom from round, oval, rectangular, square, U-shaped, and specialty pedestal sinks. Again, the choosing the pedestal sinks from variety of types is a great challenge.

When choosing a Pedestal Sink, it is must to consider several variables such as:
  • Basin width, length, and overall width of the pedestal sink
  • The space available in the bathroom
  • The color, shape, size of the pedestal sink that can add functionality
  • The faucet hole number
  • Colors and finish
  • Materials used for making pedestal sinks

Saves Space

Pedestal sinks are perfect for small sized bathrooms. As they do not take a lot of room, they are great for modern powder rooms. Adding pedestal sink to bathroom actually frees up the floor space and makes it airier. Pedestal sinks can fit easily in just about any space and anywhere in the bathroom due to its sleek and space-saving design.


Choosing the Right Pedestal Sink

Choosing the right pedestal sink is of great importance. If you need to learn more about the bathroom pedestal sinks, the internet is the most ideal platform for you to use. Different websites and articles can guide you in selecting the right sink for you, especially the modern day’s pedestal sink. There are many bathroom pedestal sinks services contractors that can offer you a word of experience while selecting the pedestal sink for your powder bathroom.

Well, when it comes to installation, maintenance, and repairing of the bathroom sinks, it is best to hire the right contractors. There are many services and utility companies out there today specialize in the installing pedestal sinks.

Choosing the Right Pedestal Sink Contractors

Hiring a bathroom pedestal sinks company is a smart decision, especially for installing the pedestal sink. Though there several articles available online informing step-by-step installation of the pedestal sinks, hiring the professional services is always a safe option. Such services are responsible for the complete installation of the pedestal sinks. They are well-versed with installation procedures and are equipped with necessary tools and equipment. They are skilled at installing the pedestal sinks without damaging the walls and floor of the bathroom.

As there are a number of contractors it is really challenging to select right bathroom pedestal sinks installer in the USA. Here are few useful tips for hiring the right contractor for installing pedestal sinks:

  • Get multiple bids. Never settle on one contractor. Make sure that all the bidder serves you with verifiable references. Make sure that the bidding contractors provide you with materials and labor breakdowns.
  • Arrange visit of the bidder contractor to your home or the work site where you are planning for bathroom renovations. It is necessary that the contractor observes the space, and measures the space simply to choose right pedestal sink for your bathroom.
  • It is worth to choose the right material for your pedestal sink. Take into consideration the suggestions received from bidding contractors about the same.
  • Be sure that the bidding contractor clears the work schedule. Ask for the time they will take for installing the pedestal sinks.
  • Make sure that the contractor serves repairs and maintenance of the pedestal sinks. Generally, contractors offer one year warranty for labor and materials. Manufacturer’s warranties are sometimes longer. Make sure that you receive warranty documents properly signed from the contractor.
  • Make sure that they are licensed, certified, and insured one.
  • Choose the bidding contractor with years of experience and reputation in the market.


There are many options to choose from Contractors Bidding directory when it comes to bathroom pedestal sinks. The pedestal sinks add to the ambience and style of the room and provide an important function. Well, choosing the right pedestal sink is also an important process. Installing the same requires professional knowledge. Hiring experienced bathroom pedestal sinks services are great to approach for right choice and quality installation of pedestal sinks.