Bathroom Sink Styles

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Improve Your Bathroom With Modern Sinks


Discover the way to beautify your bathroom! Select the most beautiful and highly functional bathroom sink that can best fit your bathroom!

These days bathroom sinks come in a wide range of designs, styles, and sizes. You have a wide option to select from that can fit your bathroom perfectly. Whether you want a traditional looking bathroom sink or the most modern or designer bathroom sink, you can find them online very easily. You have a choice between a full or semi pedestals, wall mounted sinks, glass sinks, semi-recessed sinks, cloakroom sinks, and many more.

Choosing the right sink among from the available varieties require that you know a little bit about the sinks, their technical details, and advantages. You can pair this knowledge along with the suggestions from bathroom sink styles services for whatever style and aesthetic choice you want to make. Let us discuss with different options open to choose from a wide range of bathroom sinks!


Wall Mounted Sinks

These sinks are affixed to the wall and allow usable space below the sink. Some Sinks come with a decorative cover over the plumbing and drain pipe but do not provide storage space.


Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

These are types of wall mounted sink in which basin is attached to the wall but rests on the pedestal. The sink is supported from underneath. Such sinks are great for small sized bathrooms as they need not require a vanity. These sinks do not provide storage space.


Top Mount Bathroom Sinks

These self-trimming or drop-in top mount sinks are generally placed in a cutout in the vanity top. These sinks are secured in the place by the rim of the sink.


Under-Mount Bathroom Sinks

As the name suggests, these sinks are mounted underneath the counter top or vanity top.


Vessel Bathroom Sinks

These are the most modern bathroom sinks. A free-standing bowl sits on the top of the vanity. These are highly popular in new constructions offering unlimited designs and styles.


Wash-Plane Bathroom Sinks

These sinks are often used in hotels and restaurants due to their slim, streamlined and stylish look. These sinks consume very little space and are available in ceramic, glass, marble, or engineered stone.


Semi-Recessed Bathroom Sinks

If the bathroom has very limited space, and still you need vanity cabinets below the sink for storage, prefer installing semi-recessed sinks for your bathroom.

When it comes to selecting the bathroom sinks, it is also necessary to collect information about the different kinds of materials in which you can have bathroom sinks. Bathroom sink styles contractor near me are always there to help you know the most predominant materials used for bathrooms sink construction. Here are the few materials in which you can have bathroom sinks designed:


  • Cast iron: This is most durable and heavy material coated with enamel that offers smooth surface. Such sinks are available in different color choice.
  • Vitreous china: This is a clay-based ceramic material used to make durable sinks. These sinks are easy to clean but can get cracked if knocked hard.
  • Glass: Glass metals look very stylish and decent in any bathroom. They are generally in vessel type and offer endless options in colors, styles, and designs. Most of the time tempered glass is used for bathroom sink construction as it is more resistant to cracking and shattering. They are easy to clean.
  • Stone: Stone bathroom sinks are ideal bathroom furnishings as they come in wide assortment of styles. Vessel sinks are most prevalent varieties in stone materials.
  • Metal: Metal sinks come in different varieties and options. Brass, stainless steel, and copper are most common among the metal varieties.
  • Concrete: If you are looking for customized bathroom renovations and remodeling think to install custom-fabricated concrete sinks. Readymade sinks are also available in concrete materials to choose from.
  • Wood: Wood sinks, especially the sinks made of bamboo materials are most exotic types of bathroom sink materials. These sinks look really very great and offer most decent look to any bathroom.
  • Solid surface: Solid surface countertop materials are also used by bathroom sink remodeling company making the counter top and sink a one-piece assembly. These are the ideal choice for a hard-working bathroom and a home having children.


Materials choices alone offer you a wide range of options for bathroom sinks. Choose the right type of materials and sink bathroom sink design ideas! Choose the right sink materials that can withstand for a longer duration, highly functional and that can help enhance the look of your bathroom. Selecting between the wall-mounted or under-mounted sink is equally important as that of selecting the style and design of the bathroom sink.

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