Cabinet Refinishing

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Refinishing the Kitchen Cabinet Professionally


Every room in the home, especially the kitchen can benefit from renovation and update from time to time. When it comes to renovating the kitchen, many homeowners face the decision of buying a new set of cabinets or to refinish the existing one. Well, if your kitchen cabinets are in fair condition, refinishing them is a smart and affordable alternative to buying new set. Approach professional cabinet refinishing contractors to get the work done excellently without spending much time and money!

Refinishing or painting the kitchen cabinet offers numerous benefits! Let us discuss them one-by-one!


It is Economical

Cabinet refinishing costs about half as compared to what you will spend on a brand new reinstallation! If your kitchen cabinets are in fair conditions, painting them can make them look new. Even if the cabinet’s drawers and doors need some improvement, repairing them can be much economical than replacing them. Overall, kitchen cabinet refinishing saves you a considerable amount of money and is economical too.


It is Quicker

If you do not like to wait for longer period of time, refinishing the kitchen cabinet can be a good alternative. Refinishing the kitchen cabinets is usually pretty smooth and can be completed within 2 to 3 days provided you hire the right cabinet refinishing team for the task. The professional services can serve you with refinishing of kitchen cabinet within a very short period of time.


It is environment-friendly too

If you are looking to lower the carbon footprints, the easiest way to do is to reduce the waste, recycle and reuse the waste. Refinishing the kitchen cabinet enables you to save the environment. Instead of throwing the hazardous waste of cabinets and counters away, you can keep the layout as it is and just paint them. This way you can save much trash and trees.


Several Options Available for Transformation

There are endless options available to make your existing kitchen cabinet look modern, smarter, and attractive. Refinishing the kitchen cabinets actually opens up more options. You can paint them with entirely new color either with darker or lighter shades. You can change the grain pattern, incorporate glass doors to showcase, add trimming, change the doors and hardware, etc. You can even polish the wooden doors and drawers or can paint them using two shades or can use alternate coloring pattern. There are endless options available to make your kitchen cabinets look brand new that can match your ideas, taste, and interior décor of your home.


It Minimizes the Disruption to your Day to Day Work

Refinishing the kitchen cabinet can be complete within 2 to 3 days depending on the size of work while installing totally new cabinet can take 2 to 3 weeks. Cabinet refinishing & renewal is thus minimizes the disruption to your day to day work as compared to placing a brand-new cabinet.


It offers a Better Return on Investment

Remodeling the kitchen cabinet is a smarter way to update your kitchen. As you keep the old structure and layout, it offers a good return on investment that you spend earlier. The professional cabinet refinishing services apply a pre-catalyzed lacquer that will last long for next 20 years.


It helps to Beautify the Kitchen

Refinishing the kitchen cabinet offers a choice of several styles, designs, patterns, and color shade. If you consult the local cabinet refacing services they will serve you with unlimited options for beautifying the kitchen at an economical and affordable rate.

To sum up, refinishing the kitchen cabinet is always a smart alternative to choose from. Here are few important tips for you before you go for refinishing kitchen cabinet DIY project:

  • Choose oil-based primer to create a well-adhered surface for painting
  • Choose the right paint that will leave cabinets a smoother finish
  • Choose the color shade that will hold up better in the long run and that won’t require repeated cleaning
  • Avoid applying the too heavy coat of paint at a time
  • Remove all the hardware, clean the cabinet from interior before coloring
  • Pack the cabinets neatly
  • Once you complete painting, reinstall the doors and drawers and other hardware carefully
  • Take assistance of family members for installing the hardware of upper part of the cabinet


Instead of doing it yourself, it is always recommended to hire cabinet refinishing company USA. Hiring the professional servicesto ensure a smooth flow of work without disturbing your work. Hiring the professional cabinet refacing or refinishing services enables you to add professional and branded look to your kitchen cabinet at an economical rate. These people are expert to offer customized brand new look to your kitchen.

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