Changing a Showerhead

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Adding A New Showerhead


Whether your current showerhead has become outdated, or not working properly, or you need to save water; it is best to replace a showerhead. There are several new varieties available on the market that can really please you. Select the one that goes perfectly with your bathroom theme, your budget, and your needs.


Replacing the Old Showerhead with New

Replacing the old showerhead is as easy as taking off the old one and adding a new one by simple screwing. For this, you need adjustable wrenches, slip-joint plier, new showerhead, Teflon tape and napkin for quality grip. Before you start with DIY showerhead replacement, it is recommended to watch an online video about how to change the shower head. This video will give you, an idea about how to replace the old showerhead with new showerhead. Whether you are changing the wall mounted showerhead or hand-held showerhead, or fixed-mount with hand-held showerhead; the video will help you a lot.


Steps for Replacing Showerhead DIY Project

  • Buy a new showerhead: Choose the one that best suits your needs and the water’s hardness
  • Remove old showerhead: For this take a wrench and open it wide enough to grip around the notch of the current showerhead. For quality grip, you can cover the showerhead notch with a napkin. Now turn wrench counter-clockwise to lose up the notch. Now simply finish removing the notch by unscrewing the showerhead with your hands
  • Remove excess dirt, leftover rubber gasket, plumber’s tape around the pipe
  • Now wrap the threads of the pipe with a Teflon tape layers
  • Now install replacement head onto the pipe by turning clockwise
  • Turn on the showerhead and look for leaks around the seal. If you find a leak, try to tighten the showerhead bit more and you have done.


Hiring the Expert for Changing Showerhead

If you are new to DIY shower head replacement or not interested to get your feet wet; calling a plumber can help you get your showerhead replaced. If you do not want to waste your valued time in replacing the showerhead it is smart to hire the professional services. Though replacing showerhead is a simple process, it is an easy one to get wrong. Calling professional expert will not only save your valued time and money but also will help you have professionally installed showerhead without any water leakage.

Well, if you decide to hire the contractor for changing a showerhead, here are tips to find the right handyman for your needs:


Ask About any Handyman the People you Know

To find most trusted services the best thing you can do is ask the people you know well, if they have recently added a showerhead and if they are satisfied with the work done by their contractor.


Ask for References

If you look online, you will find dozens of plumbing contractors. Choosing the one who is trustworthy is really a challenging job. Better to ask the contractors for references. Talk at least 3 bidders and ask them to give their client’s contact number. You can even ask them to arrange for a visit to the ongoing job site. This will give you an idea about their working style, quality of the materials they use, their skills, etc.


Check for Guarantee and Warrantees

Make sure that the contractor guarantees the new showerhead and also serves warranty. So that any issue regarding the material, its working, leakage problem, etc. will be looked after by the contractor.


Check for License

Make sure that the contractor has a license for replacing or adding a showerhead. Ask the contractor to show the license certificate and insurance certificate possesses.


Make sure the Contractor has Plumbing Experience

It is worth to make sure that the contractor possesses several years of experience and is well-versed in changing a showerhead services and other plumbing works. This ensures the quality installation of the showerhead without any leakage.


Choose from at Least 3 Bidders

All the contractors offer different bidding prices. Never go with the contractor only because he is offering lowest bid. Make sure that the price quoted includes everything such as the cost of a showerhead, the cost of service, warranty, etc. Also, make sure that the bidder serves quality and branded showerhead.

Choosing the right contractor is always important. It is always worth to approach reputed contractor as they are well-versed in changing showerhead and other plumbing work. They are also expert in solving the leakage problems. they can guide you with selecting the top-quality showerhead for your bathroom.

Showerhead replacement is actually very simple, but it easy to get wrong also. Better to get it done by professionals. Call Contractors bidding for professional help! Approach Contractors Bidding to find the right person for you, who can replace the showerhead for you professionally! Contractors Bidding will serve you with the most reputable shower head installation services near me in the area you are staying.