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Most often, the problem of lack of heating is as a result of a faulty chimney and such should undergo chimney cleaning repair. When you understand the principle behind the working of a chimney, a different working process of many types of chimneys, you can easily tell why it isn’t working properly and may probably require chimney cleaning repair.


Chimneys tend to serve several purposes. Though the main function is to draw combustion air to the fire and emit the flue gases through the smokestack. It is quite easy to understand how the chimney works or when it needs chimney cleaning repair. This is somewhat similar to the airflow dynamic in a room or perhaps a house. There are many factors that establish the airflow in a closed space. The most critical one has to do with internal heat. When air is hot or gets heated, it becomes lighter in density. And of course, the hot air starts to flow upwards. This, in turn, creates a low pressure down and automatically draws in the cool air.


How Does a Chimney Work?

The heated flue gases released by the fire are hot. As a result, they are dense and move upward into the flue vent. When these gases go up, the vacuum creates a low pressure which draws in the cool air from its immediate surroundings pushing the flue gases further outward through the flue. The cool air that is drawn enhances combustion as it acts as the combustion air and keeps the fire burning continuously. Now, the air just above the chimney is cold also. This means that the air outside has a density higher than the flue gases density which makes the flue gases to flow easily out of the chimney.

In addition, there is another vital factor to the working of the chimney. That is the height of the chimney or the flue which is also known as the smokestack. If the height of the chimney is not appropriate, the flow of updraft tends to be too slow. When the height is excessively higher, the updraft is too slow and a rather short height makes it too fast. It will reduce the warming up of the room and cause a reversed updraft or backdraft. The flue gases or smoke start coming back to the room. If this persists, it may quench the fire. There is a rule called 2-3-10 rule. The interpretation of this rule is that a chimney should be 2-ft higher than any the construction having a radius of 10 feet, but 3 feet high at the position it takes through the roof.

The working principles are the same for all chimney, the working process is affected by a lot of other things. A chimney that requires chimney cleaning repair can easily be detected. Different types of chimneys for a number of reasons work differently. The commonest these factors are the rate of internal heating, the amount of draft created as well as the kind of material used in building the chimney. One can categorize chimney into two broad groups simply based on how it is constructed. These groups are the masonry construction and also the manufactured.

One of the major problems of most chimneys is the accumulation of creosote which ultimately causes chimney fire and calls for instant chimney cleaning repair. However, there are other things one can do to prevent or get rid of it these elements.

Creosote is oily. It is emitted as volatiles when burning fossil or wood fuels such as coal at low temperatures. This volatiles is let loosed with smoke. As the smoke rises in the chimney and gets cool, it condenses on the inner walls. This gives rise to the oily black residue on the chimney walls called creosote indicating an urgent need for chimney cleaning repair.

As time elapses, the creosote buildup becomes so much on the inner walls and obstructs the airflow which is quite important for blazing wood at high temperatures. This accumulation causes chimney fires or the makes the chimney to malfunction. You must get rid of creosote at all cost and regular intervals.

Irrespective of the sort of chimney you have, regular servicing and maintenance are paramount for a chimney to work at it best and get rid of all common trivial and nauseating problems. It is undoubtedly risky to neglect this. It may put your life in danger as well as your loved ones living in the same home. Timely maintenance can forestall such hazards.


How to Remove Creosote

Wood creosote is yellowish and greasy. It is a liquid with a burned taste and smoky odor. Interestingly, it is not completely useless. It’s adopted to give wood pretty protection from the mold during rainy seasons. And also, it’s quite beneficial to prevent the wood from losing sheen and some sort of shrinkage when exposed to the severe sun.

Another form of creosote is distilled from coke oven tar. This black, thick and oily liquid is commercially used as a wood preservative and as an animal or bird repellant.  In some places, it is used as insecticides. Nevertheless, the use has been discontinued in some countries because of its carcinogenic effect this wonderful substance. For fireplace safety, creosote has to be removed regularly by chimney repair contractors.

When removing creosote from a chimney, ensure before chimney repair contractors commence work, adequate precautionary measures are put in place. Creosote may cause skin rash and sometimes burning sensation in the eyes. Wear old clothes. Put on safety glasses, gloves, and a respirator.  A chimney sweeping brush using the correct size can be and try to prevent dust or particles from entering the house by covering the face of the fireplace. Commence your cleaning from the lower part of the chimney, rotating the sweeping brush. After the lower part, move to the top and commence cleaning from top to the base. To check whether some residues are left, use a flashlight for this purpose.

After completing the cleaning routine and dust completely settled, remove the cover of the fireplace. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and debris. And also use the brush to remove stubborn build ups. Hiring chimney repair contractors may save you all the hassles of these technicalities. Contractors Bidding will assist you to get quotes from reputed contractors regardless of the size of your project. From a simple Chimney Cleaning and Repair Services, Contractors Bidding will help you get the best Chimney Cleaning and Repair Services contract deals.

Yet another method has employed the use of chemical products. These are added to the wood before setting it ablaze. These chemical product ingredients attach to the creosote and are converted to harmless burnt ash. But always follow the instructions of the manufacturers when using these products.

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