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Evolution of Simple HTML Websites to Attractive Responsive Websites


Introduction to Website Template:

 A website template or web template is a collection of HTML web pages that can be used by any users to add their own content of text and images to create a website of their own. Web templates designed with HTML and CSS (cascading sheet styling) code allows structure a website without any professional needs.  This permits any user to structure a rational price for personal and business website that can be registered in any search engine (Google, Bing).


Business and Allied Templates:

These allied designed templates can be used in many areas including finance, banking, insurances, investment, broadcasting, outsourcing and many more. These are some areas where these templates can be used in a professional way and the templates are also known as Business and service templates. The templates are acutely organized and easily directed to let the website explorer find all the needed information as quickly as possible.


Use of Website Designing as Service:

There are various website designing services companies offering a collection of assistance while using the website. These companies aim to design the proper website according to the need of the respective Client. The website created by the website designing service companies meet up with the requirement of both the client and aimed viewers.


Converting a Web Template to a Wordpress Template:


A decade before the websites was designed with text and static HTML code only which made the designing part troublesome for the designers. As technology grew the designers got to know lots of various other ways to design a user-friendly website with an ease irrespective of whether it is a single website or some complex website to design.

One of the modern ways to create a website containing various features and function is the use of the open source CMS used vastly is Wordpress
Creating websites in WordPress is easy as the user has to just install the WordPress and choose the respective theme and plugins required for the website. But user still gets to see static HTML website over the internet which still using the simple pages to keep their website running on the internet. As they don’t know how to change the static HTML website to latest WordPress without changing its content.


Here, are the steps for converting a web template and create a Wordpress template with the same static HTML site content:


Step 1: create a folder with a decent name and place this folder on your desktop. open the text editor which you are using and create the below files and save them.


i) style.css

ii) index.php

iii) header.php

iv) footer.php


Step 2: copy the static HTML sites CSS code and add into the new WordPress style.php file and save it.

Step 3: copy the static HTML sites HTML code and add into new WordPress header.php file and save it.

Step 4: call all the section added in other files to the newly created index.php themes file and save it.

Step 5: open the wordpress directory and add the themes folder into /wpcontent/themes/ .New themes will appear in wp admin>appearance> themes, activate it.


Finally, leave the new site with the previous site content.


Conversion of A Website Layout:

A website can have numerous layouts and is divided into many sections and the common section are mentioned below:


  • Header
  • Navigation menu
  • Sidebar
  • Main content
  • Footer


Responsive websites are the latest trend for everyone that are followed. And the popularity of any website mainly depends on how much responsive the site is. If any website is having and different layout then what is needed than a designer can convert any website layout as required and for this below rules has to be followed:


Step 1:  hicks law- this law states that one can increase conversion by bounding the number of choices. A user can have especially in the navigation bar.

Step 2: rule of thirds- this rule is used in the imaging principle that can also be used to web design.

Step 3: respect user time – statistics say one-second delay in page load time results in 10%deduction in check the page speed by GImetrix, KeCDN tools.

Step 4: use of spacebar- in web design, website is a healthy way to make the website readable and usable.
These are some of the important ways to convert any website layout.


Convert Template Website Services:

For grabbing the attention of millions of people in the internet one has to make their own website attractive enough to the visitors and for this wordpress has its own pre made templates which can be edited accordingly to the requirement for the respective website. Convert template website in to your website with the prefessional help of website templete services contractors of Contractors Bidding.