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Cutting And Installing Crown Molding

Crown moldings are great pieces to offer the real sense of design, value, and elegance to the home’s interior. Cute designs of crown moldings can change the appearance of a room magically. They are generally installed at the edge of the wall where the moldings touch the ceiling. Well, it is not at all difficult to install the crown moldings. Few important things, if followed properly, then you can do it yourself. Most important is cutting down the moldings precisely. Once it is done correctly, the half work is done. Rest remains, installing them properly.

Let us learn how to install crown molding! Follow the steps to achieve professional results and add value to your home.


Determine the type of molding to use

The first step is to determine the molding type to be used. There are numerous options available such as plaster, solid wood, polyurethane, PVC, Flex, and Polystyrene. Some are expensive options but offer royal feel while others are an inexpensive one. MDF can be a smart choice which is easy to use, combines wood and resins, comes pre-printed or can be painted. MDF is ideal for living room, dining, and bedroom. For the kitchen, patio, and outdoor space, it is great to use PVC.


Selecting the cutting tools

The challenging part of the process is cutting crown molding. You need quality and correct tools for this process. Using a coping saw can make it easier to cut the corners. Power miter saw can also be used for cutting the corners. Power miter saw is ideal to use for cleaner cuts, but if you are doing it for the first time, prefer using a coping saw.


Measuring and marking the wall

Measure the wall for length of the first crown molding piece . Mark the wall so that you can easily hold the moldings while fitting.


Cutting down the molding piece

Next comes cutting the crown moldings. For beginners, it is worth to watch online videos on how to cut crown molding. Start cutting the pieces as per the measured length. Cutting the crown moldings for corners need precision and accuracy. It is vital to make sure that you cut the molding angle in the right direct. For outside corner, top of the molding should be longer than the bottom, and for inside corner bottom side of the molding should be longer than the upper part of the molding.


Cope the joint

While coping a joint, it is necessary to scribe the end of one molding to the face of the other molding. You can use coping saw to cut to bring both the pieces as close as possible. Start cutting from the edge of the molding. Never cut the whole piece at once. Cut a smaller part, check whether both the pieces have closer or not and then cut more if required. Check whether two pieces fit against a scrap piece of molding. Trim the gaps with the help of coping saw.


Installing the moldings

Once you have done and sure that fit is right, you can take the molding to the wall. Take help of someone to hold the piece on the wall. Install crown molding with the help of caulk gun, screw, or glue depending on the molding material you are using.


Use readymade corner blocks

To avoid miter and coping cuts by using the corner blocks. They are readily available in the market that can make your work easier. Using corner blocks can make your work look more professional.


Apply color

Clean up the outside corners with sandpaper. Squeeze caulk into the inside corners, other gaps and drywall surfaces. Pain the moldings as per the theme of your home.


Crown molding installation is easy and can be done at home. Today, you can get more sophisticated tools so as to bring accuracy and precision in molding installation. Well, to make it more accurate, with great appearance; better option is hiring the molding professionals.

Hiring the molding professionals offers several advantages such as:

  • Crown molding contractors are skilled in cutting and installing the crown moldings
  • They have all the necessary tools and sophisticated equipment to make the process easier
  • They are skilled to offer accuracy and precision, especially for inside and outside corners
  • They can also suggest you with the right material for your wall that can match your home’s theme, your budget, and the material that can last long for several years
  • By approaching them, you can get the quality materials for best rates
  • Most of the molding contractors offer repairs and maintenance of the moldings

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