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Most often, during this economic downturn, people choose to do it your jobs around their homes just to have a cut in the cost maintenance. Too often, pressure washing and deck cleaning treatment are mostly presumed to be projects that can be done by oneself without any external help from deck cleaning contractors. However, this posture is completely wrong. Staining and cleaning is certainly a project that should be left in the hands of deck cleaning contractors.

Although a deck is such a wonderful place to enjoy with your family outdoors, it is a worthwhile investment. Deck cleaning contractors in the real estate recommend that a deck is the easiest was to get more square-footage to your properties. A deck can make a property’s value go up by up to $10,000 and about 85% of its cost can be recouped.

Care and general deck cleaning treatment are very important. They serve to protect it from the most damaging effect of the weather most especially the sun. Regular deck cleaning treatment and oiling, therefore, will assist in protecting timber from the debilitating damage done by ultraviolet light, weather, bacteria, and mold. Proper maintenance will prevent premature cracking and early ageing.

Sweeping and cleaning which is the best simple and cost effective measure will reduce grime and dirt buildup. In addition, oiling every few months will keep your deck vibrant as well as protecting it from the destructive elements. A very effective indicator that it’s time to oil is when the deck starts losing it luster and also looking a bit tired. You can be sure that it’s time to go for deck cleaning treatment.

Before you engage a deck cleaning contractors to work on your deck, get him to inspect the deck and evaluate what work is required of him. And also, he will detect if the wood has been damaged. The inspection will reveal certain things. It brings out what deck cleaning treatment to apply and the staining that will produce the best result for the deck.

However, after the inspection, the professional will coat the deck with an appropriate deck cleaning treatment that loses mildew and dirt from the surface. The type of wood on the deck strongly determines the chemical substance to use to loosen much of the dirt. If there are any imperfections left, a somewhat low-pressure wash may be applied to completely clean the surface thoroughly. 

Let the wood dry for about 24 hours. Then the professional has to apply another high-quality water preservative coating in the right color of your choice. It seals the deck and at the same time repels water especially rainwater without distorting its aesthetic appeal.

Then the deck cleaning contractors may inspect the job again to ensure that you are happy with the quality of work done.

The first quite important thing impact positively on its life span is the materials used and their cost. It is expected that the pressure treated lumber is the most affordable form of deck material with it cost going to about $15 a square foot. But a little additional decorative feature will definitely push this up. Cedar does twice as much as about $30 per square foot. And this should last longer if subjected to proper deck cleaning treatment. Teak wood is the most valuable, going for as high as $40-$60 per square foot. Nevertheless, teak wood can without severely hard weather with the least cost of maintenance.

Another option worthy of consideration is composite decking. It doesn’t need repeated sealing or staining. This runs to about $25 to $50 per square foot.

Once you have made your decisions regarding your deck size and the material, you can’t just push aside or neglect the maintenance costs of engaging deck cleaning contractors. Undoubtedly, maintenance is a contributing factor to the life span of your deck. The average maintenance for a deck somehow runs between $300 -$1,200 annually over its life time. 

Aside from the material and size of the deck, there are other factors like amount of cleaning, sealing that is needed, type of staining and whether you are engaging a deck cleaning contractor or doing it yourself. Even when a deck cleaning contractor is contracted to do it, the costs vary among these professionals due to the quality of contract and also materials they use. There is a warning here. It doesn’t pay to hire a cheap contractor in the long run.

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One simple but effective way to test if your decks need deck cleaning treatment is pouring a bucketful of water on it or watches what happens after a hard rain. If the water forms beads, the sealant is perfectly functioning. If the water gets absorbed immediately, this is an indication that urgent effective deck cleaning treatment needs to be done to salvage the situation. A deck that is not well-sealed is more vulnerable to warping, splitting and rotting. Maintaining the deck routinely is quite cheaper than outright replacement. Make sure the deck is kept in tip-top shape. The stain is different from weatherproofing, it is just a color booster, and you’ll still need a sealant to be applied.

Sometimes, some wood may not require staining and sealing at regular intervals, but such wood should be cleaned correctly so as not to destroy the natural properties of the wood. Ensure that the deck cleaning contractor you hire has adequate experience on the type of your decking. Composites decking also needs cleaning to get rid of mildew and mold. Using improper chemical can cause a lot of havoc to it as well.

It is also beneficial to know the cost beforehand. This will probably help in choosing your materials and determines which professional to hire for the job. If your deck is always in top shape, it will increase the lifespan and thereby reducing yearly cost by spreading it over a very long period.

It is good practice to always follow manufacturers’ instructions. There are many effective products out there for treating your decking. Never be afraid and trying one out. Read carefully and follow step by step instruction on how to use specific products to protect your decking. Protect your decking and enhance the more the value of your properties.