Fiber Cement Siding

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Installing Fiber Cement Board Sidings Professionally


Choosing between the different materials available for siding can be difficult for many homeowners. As each product has its own characteristics and has a unique set of pros and cons; it is necessary to take professional assistance, when it comes to choosing the most ideal siding material. These professionals will help you sort out which siding qualities are most significant for you in your home exterior makeover.

Well, one of the most popular options available is fiber cement siding. Earlier, when it was introduced it didn’t take long for to take some market share away from other siding materials. Many homeowners now prefer using fiber cement sidings for their home’s exterior due to special qualities of this material.


What is Fiber Cement Board Siding Made Up Of?

Fiber cement board siding is a specialized kind of prefabricated siding. It is a mixture of the materials that include cement, sand, and fibers made from cardboard.


Is Fiber Cement Board Siding the Right Choice?

Fiber cement board siding is an alternative to traditional wood or vinyl sidings those offer different sets of strengths and weaknesses. By understanding the characteristics of fiber cement sidings can help you to decide whether it is a smart choice for all your siding needs.

  • Strength: Fiber cement board siding is extremely strong and possesses great degrees of withstanding in severe climatic conditions. It is immune to fungal growth and pest infestations. It features a longer lifespan with higher durability features.
  • Fire resistance: Fiber cement is an ultimate fire resistant siding material and it can withstand fires much better than traditional types of sidings. It rarely gets damaged due to minor fires and can prevent the rapid spread of fire which is not possible with wooden siding.
  • Low maintenance: These siding needs basic cleaning and can be done with a power wash. The fiber cement board sidings can be painted to increase the lifespan and to reduce the requirement of maintenance.
  • Customization: The fiber cement board sidings offer a wide array of shades. It can be customized to look like stucco or wood siding that can offer aesthetic look to your home accompanied by the benefits of cement siding.


How to Install Fiber Cement Sidings?

It is a complex procedure to install fiber cement board siding. These sidings are extremely hard to work with due to heavyweight. You need specialized equipment for installing fiber cement siding.  At least two people you need for your help along with the necessary tools and equipment. Along with the tools and personal assistance, you need knowledge and skill for installing these specialized siding.

There are numerous videos available at different websites with a step-by-step procedure for installing fiber cement board siding. Moreover, it can consume your precious weekends. Even though lots of information available online on how to install fiber cement board sidings DIY project, it is not a viable solution at all.

The best option is to hire the fiber cement siding installers. Rather, hiring contractor can be a simple process and it makes the work simpler. You simply decide which siding contractors to be hired for your needs. The major benefit of hiring professional services is professionals know exactly what they are doing and the right procedure for installing fiber concrete siding. They also carry insurance, if something goes wrong, you will not be liable for the same. The professional contractors are also well-versed and experienced in offering right suggestions with regards to choosing the pattern or shades for your siding. A professional can install home’s siding in a week or so as they have necessary manpower, tools, and materials on site.

How to Choose The Best Contractor for Siding Needs?

Selecting the right fiber cement siding services is significant. Here are important characteristics of a good contractor to help you ensure you get the job done right

  • A good siding contractor will be licensed and registered appropriately. Such contractor has a reputation and good standing in a trade association as well.
  • A good contractor always builds his or her own reputation over time. If the company is in the business of siding, the company deserves your look.
  • A good contractor always holds adequate and up-to-date insurance. If the contractor does not have insurance or have inadequate insurance, reject them.
  • A good fiber cement contractor often provides warranties of a year or more. A good contractor much likely to honor the warranty and always tend to serve quality after-sales service.
  • A good contractor always serves quality fiber cement siding repair as and when necessary.
  • A good contractor can handle the complaint and issues that might arise at the time of installation or repairs of fiber cement board siding.


Choosing fiber cement board siding is a wise decision, choosing the right contractor is equally wise. For this, you can approach Contractors Bidding. At Contractors Bidding you can find most trusted contractors ideal for your siding needs.