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Granite Counter top services - Different Types of Granite and Benefits


Though a kitchen tends to be messy and chaotic most of the time, it does not mean you cannot beautify this. On the contrary, this should be given importance so that it is a pleasant experience working here and cooking for your family. One way to go about this is ensuring you make a choice of classy materials for not only the flooring but also the countertops. Think of the granite counter tops which can offer a unique look to your kitchen. All you need to do is find the right granite countertop services so that you have these installed in the right manner. is a company which can help you in this confusion of finding countertop contractors.


What is Granite?


Granite is a stone which is formed from the molten rock erupting from the core of the Earth. The patterns and colors of granite are determined by multiple factors. We help you find granite countertop contractors who offer you the many choices in these colors and patterns and making a choice gets easier.


Different Types of Granite:

There are multiple homeowners who opt for granite countertop services. You need to be aware that you have a choice between the slab granite, modular granite, and the tile granite.

*Tile Granite:

These counters of tiled granite available with licensed countertops contractors are made by the placement of granite tiles edge to edge. This is then secured with epoxy. These countertops offered by the countertop contractors tend to be more affordable as compared to the counters made of granite slabs. These offer a refined look to any kitchen and that too, t cost-effective price.

*Slab Granite:

Slab granite used for countertops is considered as the most elegant material used. These are fabricated in a shop or a factory so that these can be custom fitted into any home. Due to their weight, it is important to opt for professional granite countertops contractors for the installation process.

*Modular Granite:

This modular granite is made from pieces of granite which are pre-cut. These are available in standard sizes of countertops.


Reasons for opting for Granite Countertops:

There are multiple benefits of using granite counter tops and keeping this in mind you have these countertops as a favored choice for most homeowners.

1. Unique Look:

Each slab of granite is different from the other, thus making this a unique choice. This is because of the way this stone is got. It is not possible to duplicate this countertop. You have a choice of multiple colors to choose from beside the different styles. The appearance of these stone changes during the day as different lighting can make this stone appear different.

2. Durability Factor:

Granite is one stone which is strong naturally and thus can last for a long period of time. This makes this stone an apt choice for areas which are frequently used and undergo a rough treatment.

3. Enhance Appearance:

Opting for the ideal granite countertop services you can look forward to an enhanced appearance to your kitchen space. You do not require any additional décor once you have decided to opt for this stone. You can rely on this stone to make your kitchen a masterpiece for years to come.

4. Increase Value of a Home:

Granite is one material which, when used for the kitchen can bring up the value of a home to a large extent. This is due to the fact that this stone is considered as a ‘timeless’ beauty which never seems to wither away.

5. Cleaning is Easy:

Granite countertops can be easily cleaned as they have a smooth surface and there is hardly any chance of any dirt or grime sticking to the surface. You can think of wiping this gently once you are done with the cooking.


Basic Cleaning of Granite Countertops:

Opting for professional granite countertop contractors for the required countertop, you are spared of labor for the cleaning of this. Quality countertops made of granite can be cleaned with the help of a microfiber cloth. Spills or other stains can be wiped off using plain water.

Every week you need to wipe this granite countertop with a cloth which is damp and also a stone cleaner which is formulated with neutral pH. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or chemicals on these countertops.

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