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Hardwood Floor Installation - Convenience with Hardwood Floor installation


The value of a home along with the aesthetics tends to rise up with an apt flooring option. As we know there are a number of options available in flooring these days and choosing the ideal one for your home can be a daunting task. The best way to go about this is to contact professionals who can advice and guide you in the right manner. You can also go through the different options available online and make a choice. Once you have decided on the hardwood flooring, the next step is finding professional Floor refinishing companies which can install these in the right manner. This is where you can contact contractorsbidding.com, a company which helps you find the right contractors for any requirement.

Basic Information on Hardwood Flooring:

Before you decide on specific wood flooring it is advisable to have some knowledge of the different types of flooring available.

  • Solid Wood Flooring:

This solid wood flooring available with the wood flooring contractors is available in three types. Each of these types can be bought unfinished or the finished type. The unfinished flooring needs to be sanded on-site and also finished the installation.

1. Plank Flooring: these planks flooring is available in two thicknesses with the widths varying. These are available in thickness of a ¾ inch and ½ inch. You can choose the width from 3 inches anywhere to 8 inches.

2. Strip Flooring: This flooring can be chosen according to the width and the thickness of the planks. The thickness of this type of flooring varies while the width is fixed. The widths available in this flooring are 11/2 inch, 2 inches and 21/4 inch. The thickness can vary from 5/16 to ¾ of an inch.

3. Parquet Flooring: This flooring is made of geometrical patterns composed of slats individually. These are held in place either by adhesives or mechanical fastening.

  • Engineered Wood Flooring:

Real wood floors which are made by using multiple layers of composite veneers of wood or layers of multiple kinds of wood are termed as the engineered wood flooring. The veneers used can be of different types of wood or even similar. The stability of this flooring increases if the different wood veneers are used as the grain of each of the veneers tends to run in different directions. This ensures that the wood can resist contracting and expanding due to the exposure to different temperatures. This flooring installed by floor refinishing companies can also be refinished or sanded. This depends on the thickness of the top layer.


Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?


Hardwood flooring is a favored choice of not only homeowners but also advised by the experts of wood flooring contractors. Given below are some of the reasons why this works out an apt choice.

1. Versatility:

Available in various types hardwood flooring is ideal for any home decor. These also tend to work well whichever room they are used for, like the bedroom, living room or even the kitchen. These types of flooring are considered as ‘timeless beauties’ and thus a preferred choice of most floor refinishing companies.

2. Easy Maintenance:

These types of flooring can look as good as new with a little maintenance. All you need to do is, vacuum or broom them and finish this with a quick mop. Spills and stains can be managed easily without actually damaging the wood.  

3. Healthy and Environmental Friendly:

Hardwood flooring, being natural, can keep you healthy and strong as you are not exposed to any allergens or contaminants. They do not require any chemical for the maintenance, making them an environmentally friendly option. These floorings are also environmental friendly also because cleaning this type of flooring does not require much water.
4. Adding Value to your Home:

Due to their durability and long lasting factor, these hardwood floorings are a preferred choice for many homeowners. It is due to this you find that the value of your home tends to rise to a large extent. You can save on the money factor once you have opted for this type of flooring as there is no replacement required for quite some time.

5. Different Options available:

You can find an apt choice in this hardwood flooring as they are available in multiple styles and designs.


Cleaning Hardwood Flooring:

Making a choice of this hardwood flooring by wood flooring contractors it is important to ensure specific steps are followed for regular maintenance.

  • Ensure you sweep these floors on a regular basis.
  • Vacuuming the floor once a week helps with cleanliness.
  • Use the recommended wood cleaner once a month.
  • Contact the hardwood floor refinishing companies for a maintenance coat every 3 to 5 years.
  • After a few decades, you need to get this flooring sanded or refinished by well-reputed Hardwood install refinish contractors.

For any more information on hardwood flooring and help in finding the right wood flooring contractors, you can contact contractorsbidding.com.