Installing a Toilet

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Update Your Bath With New Toilet Installation


It is great to regularly update your home and make it more energy efficient, cost-saving, more functional, more comfortable and worth. There are several things you can update in your home. There are several great home improvement ideas that you can follow to make the in-home experience great. Toilet repair, replacement and new installation can be a great idea towards home improvement.

Choosing and Installing a New Toilet

There are several options open for you. Right from water-efficient toilets to slow-close toilet lids and dual-flush toilets to heated toilet seats; you can install a toilet that can best fit your needs and budget.
When it comes to remodeling the bathroom, obviously, you should consider installing a new toilet which is more energy-efficient, cost saving, and eco-friendly. It is always recommended to choose low-flow or highly-efficient toilet for your modern bathroom.

Installing Low-Flow Toilets

The low flow toilet or the high-efficiency toilet is a flush toilet that uses significantly less water as compared to an old full-flush toilet. Such toilets can provide the homeowner with significant savings. Installing a toilet especially the high-efficiency toilet installation can be sustainable measure in remodeling the home. The benefits it offers include:


  • It requires the lower amount of water every time you flush. Thereby it results in high savings on a water bill.
  • Low flow toilets or high-efficiency toilets add the resale value to your home.
  • Installing low-flow modern toilets can help you upgrade plumbing system to incorporate with the latest technology.
  • With low-flow eco-friendly toilet, you will help save the water and save the world.


Installing Toilet DIY Project

There are plenty of reasons for remodeling bath with a new toilet. Many homeowners call a plumber or contractors for installing a toilet. However, if you are ready to do it at home consider trying it yourself and save a few bucks. For this, you can watch helpful videos instructing how to remove and replace the toilet DIY style. Let us list out the process step by step!


  • Turn off the water to the toilet.
  • Now it is time to remove the old toilet. For this remove the tank lid, its refill tube and drain water from the tank. Disconnect the water supply and remove the tank from the bowl by unscrewing bolts attached to the tank.
  • Next, loosen and remove the nuts and washers on the closest bolt securing the bowl on the floor. Now gently rock toilet and remove it from the place.
  • Place a new wax ring on the new toilet and rock the new toilet bowl until it sits level on the floor.
  • Assemble everything together such as nuts, bolts, and the tank.
  • Now turn the water supply and test the new toilet for any leaks.


For some homeowners, installing toilet seems easy and they prefer installing themselves while other homeowners prefer hiring the toilet installation contractors. Hiring professional plumbers or toilet installation services can serve various benefits such as:

Saves Time

Removing old toilet and replacing it with new, is actually a time-consuming task if homeowner prefers DIY project. Instead, hiring professional toilet installer company the USA can save a great time. These people are more professional at removing and installing the toilet. They are trained to do the task and are well-versed in the process. They are also equipped with necessary tools and equipment that can make their task easier and simpler. Overall, it saves a great time of the handyman and of the homeowner as well.

Saves Money

Installing toilet DIY project, though seems easy and simple; if something goes wrong; it can lead to leakage. Also, there are possibilities of damages to the tank or toilet bowl. However, hiring the professionals plumbing services can actually save you from such losses.

No Headache

Installing toilet DIY project can lead to a headache. The homeowner might not sure about the installation process. He or she might not have necessary tools. Also, choosing the right toilet for a bathroom is a challenging process. If all these things are done by yourself, it can add to a headache and nothing else. Hiring the professional toilet installing services can make the homeowner feel relaxed as he or she knows everything will be right and nothing will go wrong.

How to hire right Installing toilet services? To ensure that you are hiring the right services, it is worth to consider few important points, such as:


  • Make sure that you hire the professional expert in installing toilet of any kind
  • Make sure they are equipped with necessary tools and equipment
  • If possible ask the contractor references of their client. You can make a call and ask the customers the experience of their contractor
  • Make sure you hire the professional services certified and licensed for installing toilets


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