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Design Appealing Invitation Cards


We often come across many events in our life. It can be the wedding, anniversaries, baby shower, birthdays, achievement parties, etc. Some of these events are good enough to be celebrated with all your loved ones, friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. The event can be made more precious by inviting the guest.

To invite guests it is crucial to convey the message about the event, its date, venue, etc. In this digital world, it has become quite easy to convey message instantly. There are several social platforms available through which you can convey the message of the event that you are going to celebrate. Even though, your email or WhatsApp the message, it is not that much touching or influencing as sending invitation cards could influence. In this era of digital messaging and social media texting, sending invitation cards can make a great difference. Whether it is just a casual cocktail party or wedding ceremony; inviting guest by sending invitation cards makes a real sense of the event.


A Sense of Excitement and Anticipation

The invitation cards with appealing design and impressive text create a sense of excitement and anticipation that digital message fails to create. The date of an event, the venue, the dress code, etc. written on the invitation card actually boosts excitement about the function.


Printing Exceptionally Awesome Invitation Cards

Make invitation cards more appealing and eye-catching. Custom invitation card printing can be a great idea where you can have a card designed as per your desire. Choose the size, shape, color scheme, images, background color, printing color, font style, etc. to make it customized and exceptional. Hire the best printing services expert in designing and printing customized invitation cards.


Designing Personalized Invitation Cards

Boost attendance of your guests at your occasion or event by creating personalized invitation cards. Craft your own professional quality invitation cards with the help of online tools. Or approach reputable and experienced personalized invitation card design services to get it designed to look more personalized. Use your own photo or family photo and write a custom message so as to add a personal touch to the invitation card. You can even add a photo of your baby while designing invitation cards for the 1st birthday celebration. For wedding cards, add the photo of happy couple for adding truly personal touch.


Print with Style

There are endless styles and patterns available for printing invitation cards. Search for design & print invitation cards online to know more and more patterns available for printing invitation cards for Christmas party, wedding ceremony, birthday, baby shower, etc.


Invitation Cards for Different Occasions

There are different kinds of occasions, invitation cards are printed and distributed such as:

  • Traditional wedding card is used to communicate necessary details of the nuptial event and includes the name of bride and groom, wedding date and time, wedding venue, dress code, etc.
  • Birthday card contains the name of the celebrant, invited guests, place and time of the party, a theme of the party, etc.
  • Official event celebration card is usually given to the employees, clients, etc. The card has information about the event, its day and time, the venue, etc.


Choosing Style and Pattern for Printing Invitation Cards

There are a variety of styles and patterns available in invitation cards to choose from such as:

  • Flat invitation cards that displays information about the event at a glance. They are simply designed to let the guests know about the event
  • Send and seal fold-up invitation cards are nothing but an idea of inviting guests where guests unwrap the invitation like a small present.
  • Pocket invitations are impressive and elegant invitations with monogrammed seals. These cards are perfect for formal wedding, dinner party, baby shower, award ceremony, bachelorette party, etc.
  • Folded invitation cards somewhat classic invitations of greeting card styles having photos, designs, custom wordings printed on it along with the details of the event. The information includes directions to the venue, menu, biography of the guest of honor, etc.


Pick the style of invitation cards that can best suit to your desire, pocket, and the event you are planning to invite your guest. Get them printed by the most reputed invitation card services to have custom design and layout. You can search online for latest designs and text that can match to the event and can touch the heart of your guests.

Design the invitation cards that are appealing and making the guest positively think to come and enjoy your event. Make them more appealing by using photos, custom quotes, poems, etc. along with the date, time, venue, menu, directions for coming, etc.

As there are number of services in the business of invitation cards printing, it is quite challenging to hire best invitation cards printing services USA. Contractors Bidding will help you finding the right source for printing invitation cards. Consult to find most affordable and reputed invitation cards printing services.