Kitchen Sink Drain

Unclog The Kitchen Sink Drain


The kitchen is the most important part of any home and needs proper cleaning. Even though you try your level best to keep all the things tidy and clean, you can’t always get rid of most common kitchen issues, especially the clogged kitchen skins. A choked or clogged kitchen sink attract germs and bacteria. It can cause rotten odors and may result in serious health issues. The time you notice your kitchen sink is not draining, you should take drain removal action to avoid further problems.

A clogged kitchen sink is a common plumbing problem and can be quite turbulent. It can be a helpless feeling when your kitchen sink won’t drain. It looks messy, with water backing up and the counter is full of dirty dishes waiting to be cleaned. A clogged kitchen sink makes you stand-and-still. It becomes most important to deal with the problem and solve the issue urgently.


Unclog the Sink Drain DIY Project

Unclog a drain and prevent clogs from happening in future! There are several ways to deal with clogged kitchen sink drain DIY, such as:

  • Attack the clog with boiling water. Well, this trick is not useful if you have PVC pipe as heat could cause their joints to loosen.
  • Try using vinegar and baking soda. Firs,t pour 2 table spoon of baking soda down your drain and then pour a half cup of vinegar down the sink. The combination of vinegar and baking soda produce the volcano reaction. Wait for half an hour and then pour boiling water down the drain.
  • You can find readymade solutions available on the market to solve clogged sink drain.
  • If your sink is completely clogged due to large obstruction, you can use a plunger. Both handheld and full-length plungers are available on the market and are very effective in cleaning the clogged sink drain in your kitchen.
  • You can also buy a small hand-operated drain snake for dealing with the clogged sink.
  • If all the tricks fail, the last option remains is removing the drain pipe and removing the clog manually.


This is how you can deal with clogged sink yourself. Well, if you do not want to make your hands dirty or dislike cleaning sink drain manually, you can hire the professional kitchen sink drain cleaning services. Though the home techniques are really effective in removing the clog, it is ideal to consider hiring a plumber, especially when you encounter anything unexpected. It is smart to hire the plumber if home techniques don’t work for you. Draining the clogged sinks personally can also lead to some health issues. It is best to handover the task into the hands of the professionals.


Hiring the Professionals

Hiring clogged kitchen sink services can serve you with cleaning the drain professionally. These people are trained to deal with kitchen and bathroom sink drain. They are equipped with great tools that can make their task easier. They usually use plungers or hand-operated drain snakes.

Professional kitchen sink cleaning contractors always have ways through which they could monitor and inspect the drain pipes. They could easily clean clogged pipes just by using hydro jetting equipment that breakup, dissolve, and push up the blockage hindering the flow of water in pipes. They use hi-tech equipment and materials that can save time and efforts.

Although the professional drain cleaning services charge for the services they provide. Their services are bit expensive, but the benefits and ease the homeowner get from cleaning the drain pipes are incomparable. Hiring the professional services not only free you from the discomfort of waste, but also keep you away from health threats. And most importantly, the services offered by kitchen sink drain cleaning company are 100% effective.


Taking Care of Drains

If you do not want to deal with clogged sinks anymore in the future, it is vital to keep your drains clear. Here are some handy tips for maintaining drains clean without clogs:

  • Use strainers to keep the hair and food particles from entering the drainage pipes. Such strainers are easily available on the market.
  • Drain hot water down after each use. This will wash away the fresh buildup without getting it stick to the sides of the pipes
  • Clean the drains periodically with the draining solutions available on the market
  • You can even use the combination of backing soda and vinegar. Both, vinegar and backing soda are the great natural cleaners for drains.
  • Or you can arrange for the scheduled cleaning of your kitchen sinks by kitchen sink drain services. You can even have a quarterly or yearly contract with them for periodic cleaning of the kitchen sink and bathroom sink drain.


The task of searching the professional drain cleaners can be handed over to Contractors Bidding. It is the service that let you find the right professional for cleaning sink drain effectively, efficiently, and reasonably!