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Customized Letter Head Printing


Even though more and more businesses are transforming into a paperless company these days, letterheads have secured their position till today. The letterheads proved invaluable to the businesses, no matter what kind of business and what size of business it is. Letterhead helps the business to build and maintain their reputation and professional image positively and successfully.

Even though the businesses are using digital channels for communicating, still they tend to use letterheads. Letterheads provide the business opportunity to promote them, build a reputation, portray a professional image, etc. every time they send out a letter to their clients, debtors, creditors, customers, potential customers, etc.

Such a great and useful letterhead needs to be always attractive and appealing too. It is worth important to pay attention to the content written on it.

There are many more things to be considered while letterhead printing such as:


  • Attractiveness is very important as it is one of the marketing tools that can be used for promoting business.
  • The content of the letterhead is equally important. Upon receiving, the recipient first looks after the company name and company logo printed on the top of letterhead. So, it is worth for the company to have custom official letterhead printing online with the company name, logo, address of the head office, concerned branch office address and the contact details. It should also include the name of the website and mailing address for digital conversation. Social media addresses such as Twitter or Facebook addresses have to be present on the letter head. Overall, it is necessary to offer a personalized touch to the letterhead printing.
  • Appeal of the letterhead is very important to be considered always. While putting the above data on the letter head it is vital to make it appealing, sober and not the intoxicated. Every content has its own place on the letter head. It is thus necessary to consult professional letterhead printing services for businesses.
  • Consider alignments and positioning of the content on the letterhead. At the same time use color sparingly. You can even add special effects so as to get your letter head printed professionally.
  • Choosing style and layout for letter head is equally important. Letterheads come in wide range of layouts and colors. You can have a simple or standard layout for your letter head or can have edgy or unusual letterhead to make your letterhead stand out of the crowd. For printing edgy letterheads it is always good to consult the professional team of experts at letter head printing services.
  • These days letterheads are designed with the help of specially designed software program such as Photoshop, InDesign, etc. These tools are excellent for making it easier to design customized letterhead. You can also consult or approach company letterhead printing online services for guidance and sample designs for letterheads.
  • While designing the letter head it is also necessary to keep in mind the business cards, company logo, business envelopes, etc. that you usually use. Be sure to design and print letter head that can match all other stationeries you use as promotional tools.
  • Make sure that the letterhead that you are going design and print should represent the brand and help to build the brand.
  • Choose quality papers for printing the letterheads. Make sure that the letterhead printing company you are hiring for printing the letterhead, uses the quality papers. You can also specify the size and quality of the paper and accordingly you are charged for it.
  • Along with the quality of the paper, printing quality is equally important. You can ask the printing companies to use a specialist printer for specialized effects such as embossing, watermarks, foil blocking, die-cutting, etc.


Letterheads are the top rated business promotional tools. However, they are one of the hardest stationery to design. Approaching the right printing services is always necessary to get them designed and printed professionally.

There are a number of companies those are in the business of letterhead printing. Searching the right company that go perfect with you, needs following things to consider:


  • Hire the printing company having vast experience of printing letterheads
  • Make sure that printing company serves you with desired and custom letterhead printing
  • Make sure that they have quality and latest technology printers for printing specialized effect on your letter head
  • Cost of the printing letterhead always matters.
  • Timely printing of letterheads as and when necessary is equally important
  • Make sure that the company is certified and licensed
  • The experts at printing company should have sound knowledge of handling different software programs for designing personalized letterheads, handling hi-tech printers, etc.


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