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Remove Old Paint Expertly


There are numbers of exciting decoration opportunities available to make the wall more attractive. Most importantly, interior or exterior repainting can bring them to life once again. Repainting the walls with different shades, colors, patterns, and styles can help to add ambiance to space. Well, before you apply a fresh coat of color to an already painted wall or any other surfaces, it is must to prepare them for the new color. Regardless of the kind of wall, they must be completely clean by removing the old paint from the surface.


Different Methods are used by Paint Removal Services to Remove the older Coat of Paint such as:



Scrapping is the easiest way used to remove old paint. If the paint is already loosed, chipped, or peeling; scrapping can be done using a putty knife, plastic scraper or by an oscillating tool. Use the flat edge of the tool across the wall surface, and the old coat of paint will come out easily. It is easier to remove a majority of paint with scrapping technique. It is always advised to use the flat edge of the scraper for removing paint.


Using Chemical Stripper

If the older color coat is fine and has not loosened on its own, you can use the chemical paint stripping for removing the paint. These strippers contain strong chemicals to discolor the surface. It must be applied carefully with the help of paintbrush. Apply the coat of chemical stripper and allow sitting on the surface at least for five minutes and then scrape the loosed paint from the surface. If required, repeat the process until all paint is removed. Chemical stripper is easily available on the market. You can even use the homemade stripper (five part denatured alcohol, one part acetone, and three-part mineral spirits). This is a great homemade stripper that helps loosen the paint from plaster without causing serious damage.



After removing the old paint, plaster surface must be clean to neutralize the chemicals in the mixture. If not neutralized, the chemicals used for removing the paint can seep into the plaster surface that can cause stain, discoloration, damage or loss of structural support. To neutralize the plaster surface, you can wipe down the entire wall with the sponge damped in clean cool water.


Furniture Refinishers

To remove paint from furniture surface, you need furniture refinisher. These are the wax-free solutions available for removing vanishes or color coats on the furniture. To remove color from furniture surface, dip a soft cloth into the furniture refinisher and rub this cloth over the furniture surface until the color coat begins to dissolve.



For removing heavy deposits of paint, heat can be more effective. Paint removal contractors in the USA use electric paint remover that has a plate-like heating element and has built-in scraper to pull the paint off. While using this electric paint removal, it is necessary to wear safety gears.



Fine grit sandpaper can also be used to remove the paint. Sanding may always be the last step in removing paint. Sanding ensures that all the older paint is removed. Sanding is also used to make the surface smoother for applying new paint coat.


Best paint removal services near me, rely on different methods for removing paint effectively and efficiently. They are well-versed with the different methods available for removing the paints. They are well-trained to carry out the task more efficiently with the help of smart tools and equipment. They know how to use different tools and paint removal materials efficiently in order to perform it in an ideal way. They choose to sandblast or scrapping to remove paint from metal and concrete surfaces. Chemical paint strippers are used by them to remove unyielding areas of old paint. They are very professional at using chemical paint strippers and careful to limit their exposures. Sanding is used in order to ensure all old paint coat is removed completely and to make the surface smoother.

Complete paint removal is necessary before you begin with the painting with new color. If the old paint is not removed completely, it can create unsightly bumps, lumps, and bulges in the new paint and can make your home look dull. If the old paint is not removed completely, it can prevent the new paint from lasting for the longer duration. Relying on the professional paint removal company near me is always advised to get the required effect. These companies are expert in removing the old paints by applying different methods and are expert in preparing the wall for new coats of paint.


Hiring Reputed Paint Removing Professionals

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