Refinishing a Wood Deck

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Preparing the Wood Deck for Repainting


The beauty of the natural wood deck is undisputable. Wood deck placed in patio or outdoor garden helps to enhance the look of the space. The elegantly looking wood deck makes your outdoor space look more beautiful and functioning. Well, the fact is this natural beauty comes with some drawbacks. The ultraviolet sun rays, snow, rain, moisture in the air, dust particles, etc. are few factors those affect the beauty of wood deck negatively causing its decay and discoloration.

In order to preserve its natural beauty, proper maintenance of the wood deck is always necessary. There are several tools and materials available to keep the wood deck clean and shiny for a longer duration. Refinishing a wood deck helps to retain its natural beauty and make it shine as it was at the time newly bought.

Keeping the wood deck in shape and shine can take a lot of hard work. Even though you seal or stain, you find it is becoming gray and cracked over time. If you find your wood deck is cracked or discolored, there is no need to rip it down or to bring the new piece. There are various products and techniques available to restore the deck and make it look as good as new. You can either go for DIY wood deck restoration, repair, and maintenance or can get it done by hiring the professional refinishing wood deck company near you.


Preparing the Surface

Preparing your deck for repainting involves some basic steps such as:

  • Inspect the deck for rot
  • Cleaning the deck
  • Sanding
  • Power washing the deck
  • Staining and sealing
  • Waste disposal


Let us discuss them in deep!


Inspect the Deck for Rot

Before you start with refinishing process, ensure that the deck is free from rot. This is especially necessary if your deck is placed outside the home and stays wet. Pressure treated timber wood deck is very resistant to rot. However, it is very important to inspect the timber for rot as almost every timber eventually starts to rot if it stays wet for the longest time. Damaged or rotten deck board should always be replaced with new one.


Cleaning the Deck

You can use a deck cleaner product those are readily available on the market. It is recommended to use an oxygen-based wood cleaner to remove mildew stains and graying caused due to ultraviolet sun rays. This cleaner is also effective in cleaning the dirt and other deposits.


Power Washing

Power washing is preferred for deep cleaning the wood deck surface. It will either deep-clean the deck, provided you are doing it correctly or can ruin the deck board. Here you need to be very careful with the water-jet pressure. Too little water-jet pressure will not clean the deck effectively while the too high water-jet pressure will etch the wood and can ruin the wood deck board. There are versatile power tools available used for power washing the wood deck. They come in the variety of styles and powers. It is always recommended to use the moderate pressure that will provide you effective cleaning without spoiling the deck board. Proper pressure selection, tip selection and using right technique for power wash can offer the desired result. With proper guideline, you can successfully complete the task or can hire the wood deck & patio service for quality cleaning of the wood deck.


Sanding the Deck

Next comes sanding. After power washing, the deck the chances of wood fibers will expand and raise that may cause splinters. Sanding the deck is essential to prevent dangerous splinters. You can use a random orbital sander. Be careful using the girt of sandpaper. Avoid using too coarse sandpaper as it can damage the wood. It is essential to hire professional refinishing a wood deck services for getting professional results to prevent splinters and quality sanding of the wood deck.


Staining and Sealing the Deck

Staining is the most important process in the deck refinishing project. Applying the stain is very easy provided you use quality and effective staining material. Staining materials are available in both water-based and oil-based varieties. Water-based materials are inexpensive but are not ideal for quality staining. On the other hand, oil-based stains are best as they do not soak into the wood’s pores thoroughly. It is always recommended to consult best staining services near me for quality staining of a wood deck.

While staining and sealing the deck it is vital to select the water repellent sealer such as polyurethane or varnish. Professional wood deck sealing services can guide you better in this regard.


Hiring the Professional Services

Instead of going for wood deck refinishing DIY project, be smart to hire wood deck repair contractor. Contractors Bidding will help you find most reasonable and affordable contractor for you. Contractors Bidding will serve you the list of most reputed wood deck refinishing contractors that you can always trust.