Replacing Water Heater

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Replacing & Switching to Energy Efficient Water Heater


Is your water heater outdated? Consider replacing a water heater with the new one!

Although it is hard to trace the fault or issues in the old water heater, you could be spending more money on heating the water and thereby on your utility bills. To reduce the utility bills either you need to go for water heater element replacement or replacing the whole unit. Replacing the old water heater is a preventive measure you should take in order to save on electric units and to reduce the chances of emergency.


Reasons to Replace Old Water Heaters


  • Old water heaters are not energy efficient and always fail in maintaining the water at constant temperature. Replacing them can help you keep the water temperature at a constant level.
  • It is hard to get old water heaters repaired as their parts are not easily available these days. This makes their repairs costlier. There is very few water heater repair specialist who is well-versed with technicalities of old water heaters. Overall, it is difficult to get old water heaters repaired every now and then.
  • Old water heaters need constant repairs and maintenance so as to keep them in good conditions. Better to get them replaced so as to reduce repairing and maintenance overheads.
  • Dealing with rust is a major issue when dealing with old water heaters.
  • Water pipes connecting to the water heaters may also get corrode and start leaking.
  • Most dangerous problem is with the electric connections and gas leaks with old and worn out water heaters.
  • It is always recommended to replace old and worn out water heaters with new energy efficient water heaters.


Switching to innovative Electric Water Heater is always beneficial in several ways:


  • New energy efficient water heaters can save you money each month and can help to add up to real savings on an annual basis. If you add your annual saving, it will be much enough to cover the cost of new water heather purchase.
  • As new water heaters are energy efficient they use less energy for heating the water in your tank. They are also smart at keeping the hot water at a constant temperature for longer hours. This again results in added monthly savings.
  • Modern water heaters (with tank) come with quality insulation technique that can trap heat and keep the outside temperature affecting the hot water inside the tank.
  • Modern electric heaters are very simple and most convenient for heating the water.
  • They are very simple to use as compared to old water heaters.
  • Modern electric water heaters are more efficient at electric resistance
  • As modern water heaters are insulated efficiently, they have low standby loss
  • When it comes to repairing of new water heaters, you can easily find the reliable licensed plumbers who can easily carry out the repair work. There are a number of water heater repair services near me whom you can approach in case of emergency (which is very rare in case of modern energy efficient water heaters)
  • Modern electric water heaters are convenient for boosting the temperature to a higher level for carrying out functions like dishwashing
  • Modern electric water heaters require less maintenance
  • Newly invented water heaters are space savers. You can even have tank-less water heaters those are small units that can be mounted on a wall.
  • It is easy to install modern hot water heaters. Most of the time the shops from where you purchase them support installation service. You can even hire the reputed water heater replacement company for installing the water heaters that you purchase online.


When it comes to hiring Electric Water Heaters to replace contractors make sure that you consider following points:


  • Hire the water heater replacement contractors those are expert at installing the units
  • Prefer to get it installed by the contractor from whom you buy the unit
  • Prefer hiring the licensed and insured contractor for replacing the old water heater and replacing it with new
  • Make sure that the replacing water heater services are well-equipped with necessary tools. As before you install a new unit, it is necessary to remove the old water heater which is challenging and risky too. Prefer hiring the contractor that uses safety gears and safety measures for replacing water heaters
  • Ensure that you get the guarantee for the new water heater and make sure that the water heater replacement companies serve you with warranty. For any kind or repairs, you will get them free of cost within the warranty period
  • Ensure that the water heater replacement specialist also provides you with quality and regular maintenance of the water heaters.


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