Ridge Vent Garage Roof

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Maximized Garage’s Energy With Ridge Vents


Ventilation is always important, no matter whether it is a home or a garage. Providing attention to roof ventilation can always be given prime importance when planning for building a garage. Properly ventilated garages are healthier and comfortable to feel and experience. A roof of the garage and its ventilation should always be considered seriously for healthier and comfortable garage.

When it comes to cooling your garage cost-effectively, the only solution that you should always prefer is installing ridge vents. Ridge vents are the form of ventilation installed on the edge of a roof. Ridge vent helps to provide a way for hot air to escape. Rather installing ridge vents is the most cost-efficient method for a cooling garage.

We know that the heated air rises in the attic space and floats up to the top ridge. The light-in-weight hot and humid air flows upward to your attic or crawlspace. If there is no ventilation for the air to ventilate out, it becomes trapped in that space and can cause your garage to turn into a sauna. This can also cause moisture formation under the roof that can damage the roof deck. The possibilities of shingles getting rot are unavoidable and you need a new roof after every 2 to 3 years.

With proper ridge vents, you can let this hot air go outside the garage and let the cool air to enter the garage. Thereby, you can maintain the garage temperature properly that too without using air conditioners or other cooling methods.


How do Ridge Vents work?

Ridge vents are installed at the peak of slopped roofs. Installing a ridge vent allows humid and hot air to escape from your attic. At the same time, the cool air can be sucked back into the attic. Such circulation of air ensures that the garage remains cool even in the hot sunny days. Ridge vents make your garage more energy efficient and cut down the energy bills in the summer. Ridge vents also ensure that your attic stays dry and keep the decking and other wood in the attic from warping.

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Ridge Vents Installation DIY Project

Ride vents can be installed on your own. The ridge vents are easily available on the market. You need to choose ridge vents for your garage roofs. The ridge vents are available in different configurations and materials. You also need some tools and equipment. Here are the steps for installing ridge vent on garage roof:


  • If your garage roofs have any old ridge vents, you should remove them efficiently.
  • Next, you should cut the wood decking back along the ridgeline.
  • Install new field shingles in the areas of an exposed deck so as to allow proper installation of ridge vents.
  • The final step is to install the ridge vents for your roof system. You can either install shingles over ridge vents or install aluminum ridge vents


Installing Ridge Vents by Professionals

It is always recommended to discuss the options with regards to ridge vents with your ridge vent install contractors. A reputable roofer is well-versed with installing ridge vents and knows exactly what is necessary to ensure the ridge vents to remain firm in all the weather and climatic conditions.


Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Installation of Ridge Vents

Ridge vents play a vital role in keeping the garage temperature down as compared to outside area. Properly installed ridge vents never put a financial burden on the homeowner. The garage roofs with ridge vents installed by professional remain durable and last long for several years without getting damaged. Professionally installed ridge vent garage roof always results in increased garage efficiency and thereby reduction in the utility bills. The role of air conditioners gets reduced and you can save money on utility bills.


Hiring Professional Ridge Vents Installers Only

To enjoy remarkable benefits of ridge vents installation it is always recommended hiring trusted ridge vent garage roof services. Trusted services are experienced in installing ridge vents and experts in choosing the right kind of ridge vents for your garage. They can always serve you with quality installation of ridge vents with the use of specialized tools and equipment. On the contrary, ridge vents installation DIY project do not offer you the expected efficiency.

Make sure that you hire certified professionals expert and experienced in installing ridge vents. Make sure that the services are from the areas where you reside. This ensures quick services as and when necessary with regards to ridge vents.

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