Roofing Cedar Shake

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Installing Cedar Shake Roofs by Expert


All roofing materials have pros and cons, and cedar is no exception. Still, most homeowner, find cedar roofing more advantageous as compared to other roofing materials. Well, choosing a cedar roof is a smart decision to be taken after considering the climate, location, the home’s surrounding, sun exposure, desire to maintain, and your budget.


Pros of Cedar Roofing

Cedar, especially the red cedar is the most popular variety of wooden roof. Well, there are homeowners who prefer other types of cedar roofs for their home tops. Cedar roofs are available in shakes and shingles. Shakes are formed by being split from the wood than sawed. Cedar roofs have natural look and over time, the cedar shakes age into a silvery gray color. Cedar roofs offer many benefits to the homeowners and homes such as:


  • Cedar roofs are energy efficient. They are an incredible insulator that retain warmth during winter and cools the home in summer
  • Cedar shakes never bruise when pelted by chunks of ice
  • Cedar shakes are also resistant to strong winds and can withstand in hurricanes, hail storms, heavy rains, snowstorms, and other kinds of severe storms
  • Cedar shake roofs can last for 5 decades, when properly maintained
  • Cedar shakes serve a textured appearance to the roof that can complement any architectural style
  • Cedar shake roofs are environmental friendly
  • Cedar shake roof provide a boost to home’s resale value. It makes your home simply impressive and appealing. Perhaps, the top-notch advantage of cedar shake is its natural beauty and the way it graciously ages into lovely grayish silver tone


Once you decide to install cedar shake roofs, the foremost thing you should do is look for reputable cedar shake roof company from where you can buy cedar shake roofs. Whether you do it yourself or hire cedar roofing experts the USA; it is vital to get it installed excellently and efficiently. If you have roofing experience, you can go for cedar roofing installation DIY project.


Highly Complex Procedure

The process of cedar shake installation is actually a complex process. You need to cut each piece so that it can match with the entire roof. Again it should be installed correctly leaving no extra gap. Overall, installing cedar shake roofs is a complex and challenging process. Let it handled by someone who is expert in installing cedar shake roofs! Let hand over the work in the hands of reputed roofing cedar shake company!


More Labor Intensive

Cedar shake installation is more labor intensive than other types of roofing installation. Hand-split cedar shakes add value and appeal to home at the same time it increases the lifespan of the roof. Cutting the cedar shake into a piece that can match with the entire roof is very important and challenging one that needs more labor.


Repairing of Cedar Shake Roofing

If the cedar shakes are installed individually, it becomes easier to remove them individually. This makes repairing the cedar roof easier and fairly simple. You can easily take out broken or damaged shakes and replace with new shakes easily without opening the large sections of the roof. Cedar shake roofing repairs must be done by an expert contractor with huge experience.


Hiring the Expert Contractor

Whether it is an installation of cedar shake roofing or repair or replacement; it must be completed by an expert contractor. Hire reputed local cedar roofing contractors so that you can hire them as and when you need. For damaged cedar shakes, it is just to get them repaired or replaced urgently. In such situation, if your cedar shake roofing is done by a local cedar roofing contractor, then you can call them for repairs any time. As reputed contractors always provide warranty, every repair that takes place within the warranty time slot, is provided free of cost.


Expertise Installation of Cedar Shakes Roofs

As discussed earlier, cedar shakes are not easy to install. Rather, installing cedar shake roofs is labor intensive and need skilled labor. The tools required for installing cedar shake roofs need to be hi-tech and of good quality. Expertise installation is of always great importance. If not installed properly, they might lead to leakage or can damage the entire structure of your roof. It is; thus, better to get it done only by expert cedar shake roof installation company. Never think of doing it yourself.

The expertise cedar shake roofing contractors are expert in installing cedar shakes. They are expert in cutting each cedar shake precisely so as to make the roof appealing and impressive. Hiring the expert roofing contractors is always beneficial.

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