Roofing Underlayment

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Added Layer of Protection With Roof Underlayment


Roof plays a vital role in protecting you, your family, your belongings, and your home. Whenever you are remodeling your home or building a new home, it is worth to take good care of installing a quality roof. Quality ensures guarantee. Top quality roofs should be installed so that it can never get damaged due to heavy rain, snowfall, heat, wind, or cold. Top quality roofs are fire resistant, do not get rotor never allow moisture to destroy its functioning.

Even though you buy top-quality and branded roofing materials, there are certain situations when the roofs might get destroyed. The reason may be any. In such case, you call experts for its repair or replacement. This can be avoided or postponed by adding an extra layer of protection underneath the roof. Roof underlayment is what you should consider installing underneath the roof.


What are Underlayment Roofing and the Purpose Behind its Installation?

Roofing underlayment is a waterproof or water-resistant barrier material which is installed directly on your roof deck. This barrier can be applied to all kinds of roofing materials that offers an added layer of protection from severe weather. It helps in serving the purpose of the roof with enhanced protection making your home more comfortable to live in. Underlayment also helps in increasing the resistance to fire and UV rays. It helps increasing insulation properties of the roof.

There are three different types of underlayment available namely:

  • Barriers
  • Synthetics
  • Felt

These underlayment components are used for making the more durable and stronger. Synthetic layers are vital that allows the water to pass through. It doesn’t get affected as compared to other paper products. These products are highly resistant to wrinkling and help to conserve the moisture. The synthetic underlayment materials are more firm and durable. The felt components are used to form the base of underlayment for a roof. These felt serve protection cover between the roof and elements. Felts are very popular in building projects due to high insulation properties. The barrier layers are ideal for homes in cold regions. Barrier components provide added protection against rain and snow. Barrier components also help in curbing fires.

It is not that without underlayment, no roofing is possible. You can have roofs without underlayment. But when it comes to maximized protection, fire resistance, waterproofing, and maximized resistance to elements, it is worth to install underlayment before you install the roof. Underlayment is significant and plays the crucial role in maximizing the protection layer.


Roofing felt & underlayment is the layer of protection installed on the roof deck and roofing shingles. Roofing felt is a base made from natural materials like wood cellulose, synthetic like polyester or fiberglass. It is then coated or saturated with the protective coating such as asphalt or bitumen. The roofing felt is an added layer of protection between the structural roof decking and the roof shingles that helps roof to last long for more duration and looks appealing. Roofing felt:


  • Repels water ensuring the water drains off the roof and doesn’t leak into your home
  • Provides protection in the event of water damage or ice damage
  • It provides extra weather protection
  • Protects roof deck while working on it
  • Offer improved look and uniformity
  • Prevents wood resin stains
  • It serves added coverage in case of damaged roof shingles, till you repair or replace the shingles


Due to so many advantages offered by felt underlayment, always try to go with manufacturers felt. It is always smart to add protected coverage underneath the roof with felt components.


Apply Underlayment to a Roof

Before you apply roofing, it is vital to cover the sheathing with roofing felt underlayment. Underlayment must be installed in the correct order. Before you start the job, go through the online videos explaining the process of installing underlayment step-by-step. There are numerous websites, books where you can get the necessary information. You also need tools and equipment necessary for underlayment installation.

Hiring roofing underlayment services can be a great decision. Though installing underlayment roofing is not at all hard or challenging task, if you handover it to someone who is expert; it ensures quality. Underlayment should be installed neatly, correctly, and perfectly so that it won’t let you repair or replace in the future. Properly installed underlayment adds to the lifespan of the roofs. It also makes your home and roof look more uniform and appealing.

Get it installed by the reputed roofing underlayment company near me. This will enable you to get quality fitting of underlayment with a warranty of repairs for free of cost. Reputed contractors are experienced, well-trained, and well-equipped for carrying out an installation of underlayment of every material.

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