Sanding Wood Deck

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Opting for Professional Sanding Wood Deck Services

Getting a good deck is not all, you need to be aware that this needs a specific maintenance which includes, regular cleaning, sanding, staining and even probably repainting. This is best left to the professional sanding wood deck services or sanding wood deck builders, who are well qualified and experienced in handling the different problems and maintenance of decks. Sanding services can help you restore the specific deck in the right manner, making this long lasting and durable. Professionals handling this sanding of a deck are one way to improve the finishing of the deck.

Steps followed by Professionals:

This sanding of a deck is along drawn procedure and as mentioned, best left to the professional and experienced sand wood deck contractors. Listed below are the steps followed by these professionals for the required sanding, sealing and painting a deck.

1. Sanding wood deck builders or sanding wood deck contractors make use of a paint or stain remover on wood which has accumulated a lot of old product on it. Softwood is tackled in a gentle manner and the pressure water setting is done in accordance to the requirement. While opting for the pressure wash, the sanding wood deck construction co also ensures using the treatment for anti-mildew. This treatment opted for is the biodegradable type. The wood is then left to dry for a couple of days.

2. Sanding needs to be done when the climate is completely dry. This process of drying depends on the relative humidity, type of wood used for the deck and the ambient temperature. It is not possible to sand a wet deck as this only leads to wasting of time and money. The deck can contain around 18% of moisture. This is checked with the help of a moisture meter by sanding wood deck builders.

3. Wood which gets wet after this is sanded needs the total treatment all over again. Most of the sanding carried out by the reputed professionals is done with a palm sander, belt sander or probably using the sanding sponge. It is advisable to opt for professionals for this procedure as they make use of a safety gear before starting this process. The experienced professionals ensures that the main deck area is sanded at least twice they concentrate on the corners, handrails and balustrades. This two way sanding is done first with sandpaper which is coarse and then followed by sanding with a paper of finer grit.

4. Homeowners are not well versed in the sanding process and do not know when to stop this. Professionals have the required knowledge of this procedure and tend to put an end to it before this removes too much wood.

Using Different Sanders:

The sanding wood deck repairs ensure the sander used for decks is apt to the requirement of the deck. Random Orbital sander is one sander which works as an ideal choice. The choice of the sander largely depends on the selection of the power supply. A choice is made between two types

  • Electric Sanders: which operates on a household current of 110 volts and the requirements of the amperage tends to vary according to the size of the motor. This is affordable and thus a favored choice.
  • Pneumatic Sanders: These sanders are powered by air which is compressed. This works out a wee bit expensive due to its requirement of expensive hoses and air compressors. They tend to be an ideal choice for auto body shops for repairs.


Benefits of Deck Sanding:

Homeowners need to be aware of the importance of deck sanding. This tends to bring the old and weather-beaten deck back to life. Decks which deteriorate over a period of time are unpleasant to look at and also unsafe.

  1. Deck sanding with sanding wood deck services ensures you have an outdoor area where you can entertain with comfort and ease.
  2. This sanding of decks tends to even out the color of the timber coats already existing. This removes the old color without the requirement of harsh chemicals.
  3. Recoating a deck after the required sanding is carried out, is much easier.
  4. Professional sanding deck wood contractors remove the dangerous splinters and smoothen out the rough edges, ensuring the safety of family and friends.
  5. The new coats and sealants applied to the surface after the sanding tend to last longer and can adhere better.


Understanding the multiple requirements for sanding decks, we, at have listed multiple sanding wood deck contractors. You are offered a choice of two or more reputed sanding wood deck services and have the freedom to make a choice in accordance with your requirement. All you need to do is fill in the required details on the form given on our website, We strive to make the process of finding the right sanding wood deck services easier for our clients.