Sealing a Deck

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Sealing a Deck - Choosing an Apt Deck Sealant

Wooden decks work out an ideal choice for most of us as these tend to be cost-effective. They do require regular maintenance as wood is one material which can deteriorate with the exposure to different weather elements. Regular maintenance can make a deck durable, stable and long lasting. Understanding this requirement, our company, and can offer you two or more local deck cleaning and sealing services to choose from. You have multiple contractors dealing in this deck sealing in an organized and systematic manner, which makes deck sealing efficient.

Importance of Deck Sealing:

Most homeowners tend to take this task of deck sealing lightly and neglect it for a long time. This can have many negative repercussions. You need to be aware that deck maintenance is important for all types of decks. These sealing deck contractors make use of deck sealers which can enhance the looks of a deck and also can protect the wood against moisture, dirt and grime, weathering, UV rays, splitting and a lot more.

Decks are exposed not only to rain but also to the harsh sunlight, which can lead to discoloration and early deterioration. Opting for apt protection with the help of the experienced professionals of sealing deck contractors is important. Decks made of cedar or redwood do not require any sealing as these are types of wood which are resistant to rot naturally adopting for deck sealing made of these woods works out a waste of money and effort.

Different Types of Sealants Used:

Well-reputed professionals of deck maintenance choose between three types of deck sealants, namely the solid color staining, semi-transparent and the clear staining. Some of the finishes of the clear types let the wood turn gray naturally, and some of them can help in preserving the natural color. The semi-transparent sealants used by sealing deck contractors work ideal for the protection against the harsh UV rays and also add color. The solid color sealants work well for the UV protection but tend to change the natural color of the wood.

Choosing the Apt Sealant for Decks:

Before deciding on a specific sealant you need to make sure you consider the factors listed below.

*Safety: The sealant chosen should not increase the potential for slip or even emit any fumes during the application process.

*Appearance: the sealers available can be chosen according to the different levels of sheen. You have a wide range from satin to glossy. A high level of gloss ensures a high degree of enrichment of color.

*Performance: You have the products with different levels of thickness, weather resistance, durability and requirements of maintenance. It is best to leave the choice of the sealant to the professional sealing deck contractor as they are knowledgeable and qualified to make the right choice in accordance with the specific deck.

Price of Deck Sealants:

These deck sealants are available in a wide price range. It has been observed that the good quality one works out a little costly. These products can be longer lasting as compared to those which are cheaper. You also need to choose between the different levels of off-gassing and toxicity. Decks which are used for pets and children need to be of the ‘less toxic’ type. The non-toxic sealants available these days work well for the children and also for the environment. These are made of tree resins, minerals, and natural oils. These tend to be a little on the expensive side.

Sealants according to Wood Species:

The local deck cleaning and sealing services use sealants which are apt for the type of wood used in a specific deck. Stains which penetrate deep into the surface of a wood can prevent peeling and cracking of the wood due to the expansion and contraction. A product which does not form any film is apt for untreated fir.

Preparation for Deck Sealing:

The professional chosen for deck maintenance or rather, deck sealing opt for specific preparation before carrying on the deck sealing. They wash and sand the deck according to the requirement. The sanding is done in a manner so that this does not weaken against possible moisture. The sanding needs to be done to a certain level, which is, not overdoing this. Thus this is best handled by experienced and reputed professionals.

The sand dust needs to be cleared off the planks and cracks, making the board absolutely dust-free.

The final step is applying the sealant, which can be either of a single coat or even two coats.

It is essential to provide the required information for to assist you in finding the apt sealing deck contractors according to your requirement. We also provide the different pricing and recommendations along with the work history of these contractors for deck sealing. Few steps and you have the choice of multiple deck sealing contractors to choose from.