Spacing Deck Boards

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 Different Options for Spacing Deck Boards


Deck boards are a priority web you planning on a deck. With multiple choices available these days it is a little confusing to find out which works the apt choice for your requirement. Deck board spacing needs to be carried out by spacing deck boards’ contractors for this to be effective to the maximum. Understanding the importance of spacing for decking and choosing the right deck board, we, at offer you multiple contractors dealing in this. We offer you a choice of these contractors and you can pick and choose the one which fits your requirement and your budget.


Length of the Decking Board:


It is not necessary to choose long boards for a long deck of your requirement. You can opt for shortboards and get the professional deck board spacing run these across the width of the specific deck offering an illusion of increasing the width and reducing the length. Alternately, you can get the professionals pattern the deck so that the length of the deck ‘seems’ reduced. You have the choice of making use of deck boards of different colors or even the boards can run in a different direction so that the emphasis is laid on the width. Using wide boards for bringing in the length of a deck is another option.

Width of a Deck:

Wide boards used for decks can create an illusion of increased width. You also have the choice of running the boards along the width rather than the length. This, too, offers an illusion of an increased width.

Shape of the Deck:

Deck boards spacing by professionals is done by using deck boards which are a mix of long and short boards. This offers you a choice between hexagonal or octagonal deck boards. These boards can be used from either the outside or the inside of the required shape and these boards, the long and short ones used, can bring down the total cost of the decking project.

Fixing Method used:

Deck boards can be fixed in two ways, either you can screw these or probably use the hidden method. The hidden method works well for those who wish to have a seamless look to the decks as the one with screws makes use of screws which might be visible. The hidden method used by experienced spacing deck boards contractors ensures that the deck is better looking without any distractions.

Different Types of Deck Boards:

As we have multiple options in the different deck boards you need to ensure you make a choice only after determining specific factors. Listed below are some of these.


1. Composite Decking:

The first time deck boards need to complement the looks of a home and yet work out affordable. Keeping this factor in mind, professional spacing deck boards contractors’ advice on the composite decking. Besides being affordable, this material is easy to maintain and tends to be durable. Though this material is as good looking as natural wood, it does not need any re-staining or refinishing on a periodic basis. You have a wide range of colors available in this material, making it easier for the homeowners to make a choice.

You need to be aware that these boards have a relieved bottom, which works well for decks which are ground-level. For a long lasting hold, it is recommended to use the composite or stainless steel screws.

2. Deck boards for Commercial Applications:

A deck board for a waterside application, like marinas or docks, need to be strong enough to handle a lot of foot traffic and also stand up to the water. This is where the PVC deck boards work out as an ideal choice. Most of these PVC decks can withstand not only moisture and dents but also flames. These deck boards resist mold as they do not have any organic compounds. There are six colors to choose from.

3. Aesthetically pleasing Deck Boards:

Those of you who intend staying for a long period of time in the existing home can spend a little bit more and opt for the deck board which is considered of the premium level. These boards have a grain pattern which is more detailed and multi-tonal streaking.

Steps for Building a Deck:

Planning on the usage of the deck can help you make the choice according to your requirement. You need to find out whether you wish to use this deck only for family or you also wish to entertain guests here. Besides this, you also need to consider whether the deck will be used only in specific seasons or all the year around.
With all the confusions in deck board spacing services, it is advisable to opt for the spacing deck board contractors who can advice and guide you in the right manner. All you need to do is contact and post your project. Going through your requirements our team of professionals can offer you a choice of three or more reputed contractors dealing in deck board spacing. You can then make a choice keeping your budget and requirement in mind.