Staining a Deck

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Staining a Deck - Basic Tips on Deck Stains

Making a choice of wooden decks is a worthwhile investment but only if you intend maintaining this in the right manner. One way to go about this is to opt for the staining deck services which help in maintaining the longevity of the deck and also ensures this is beautified to a large extent. Understanding the importance of staining deck services, we, at can help you find the apt deck staining contractors near you. All you need to do is log on to our website and fill in the required information.

Reasons for Opting for Staining Deck Services:

It is a known fact that the sun and water are two enemies of wood. Staining decks protect the decks from the two ad thus leads to a durable deck. Let us go through how water and the sun works on wood.

* Wood tends to move across its grain with any changes in the moisture content. This tends to shrink when it is dry and swell when this is wet. This movement, especially the shrinking, leads to the cracking of the wood. Besides this, the fasteners used on decks tend to restrict the cross-grain movement in the wood, again leading to cracks. Well qualified and experienced local deck staining services understand that a small crack is no problem, but if left neglected, can lead to more of surface area, which can speed up drying or let in more water, depending on the climate, and lead to major disaster. Staining the deck with water-repellant stains can slow down this problem and you find fewer chances of cracks developing. Re-staining after a gap of two years can keep the deck looking and performing well for a long period of time. 

* Wood also needs a high level of protection from the sun. You need to be aware that the ultra-violet rays (UV) from the sun tend to destroy lignin, which is one of the components of wood. This means, the surface fibers have nothing holding them and thus these tend to wear off. This leads to more lignin being exposed to UV and the cycle goes on. Choosing deck staining services near me, who are not only qualified but also experienced, ensure there is apt sanding done to the deck before staining or re-finishing this.

Choosing a Deck Stain:

You find multiple choices of these deck stains with any reputed deck staining services. Let us go through some of the most preferred choices of deck stains available with the deck staining contractors near you.

Semi-Transparent Stains: shows that natural grain of the treated wood and does not reveal the wear as much as a solid stain. These deck stains tend to last for a long period of time. You can choose between the different shades like Hawthorne, Redwood, Mountain Ash, Foliage, and White Birch which are available in these semi-transparent stains.

Solid Stains: work apt for an older deck as these can cover the blemishes in a more efficient manner through these stains tend to show weathering faster as compared to the other stains. These stains are apt for adding character to the deck and are available in multiple colors.

Transparent Stain: works best with wood decks using wood which is newer with little damage. This stain allows the grain of the wood to be seen and offers a rustic look.

Basic Information on Deck Stains:
Having some information on deck stains can help you choose the right one according to the requirement.

Water-based Stains:
These water-based stains tend to be a ‘green’ option as they are man-made. These work out resistant to the growth of algae and mold.

Oil Based Stains:
Made of resins which are natural, the oil-based stains are more aesthetically pleasing. They can bring out the natural beauty of the wood and leave a finish which is natural and richer.

Deck staining services advice on regular maintenance of decks. This regular cleaning helps to keep the deck clean of dirt and grime. You can opt for the wood brightener if you find the deck stain starts losing its color or even graying. When making use of the wood cleaner it is advisable to use a scrub brush on the boards which are horizontal. You can think of covering the deck floor when staining the deck rails. This can be termed as a protection from the splatter of the stain.

Local Deck Staining Contractors can be contacted easily by getting in touch with We connect you with well-reputed staining deck services which are priced reasonably. All you need to do is fill in the required information on our website and wait for a list of contractors for deck staining. You can then pick and choose according to your budget and requirement. A little effort taken goes a long way for the deck staining contractors near you.