Stucco Exterior Painting

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Specialized Stucco Painting for Exterior Walls


Painting exterior is equally important and necessary as painting the interior walls. Still, homeowners do not provide special attention to painting exterior of the home. They prefer using simple color coat rather than applying stucco paint. Stucco is a cement-based decorative plaster that you can use over the brick, concrete, wood and on different types of the exterior as well as interior surfaces. It offers protective covering for homes along with remarkable benefits to homeowners.


Aesthetic appeal with stucco paint

Stucco paints create a heavily textured surface making a home look stylish. To offer aesthetic appeal you can have different types of stucco coats such as:

  • Pebbled
  • Coarse
  • Smooth
  • Swirled
  • Raked


It offers a choice between concentrated, smooth, rough texture, or sweeping applications that can complement the style of your home. Stucco also offers a choice of modern, edgy, and even traditional look to your home’s exterior.


Customized Exterior Paint

With stucco, professional stucco painting companies allow you to choose the perfect custom shade. They can mix the pigment directly into the solution to get required custom shade.


Stucco Paint is Durable

Stucco is the most durable painting choice on the market. Stucco does not require painting every after a couple of years. You can repaint it only if you ever want to else, it can last for longer duration. It can last over five decades with little maintenance. As it contracts and expands as per the temperature changes, it reduces the risk of crumbling and cracking.


Stucco is Powerful Painting Solution

Painting stucco exterior painter Stucco provides the strongest coverage to walls from outside. It is:


  • Earthquake resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Rot resistant
  • Soundproof
  • Energy efficient


Overall, Painting Walls with Stucco offer Incredible Benefits.


Stucco painting results in the greater home value

As discussed earlier, stucco offers a strong coverage to home from extreme temperature and climatic conditions along with protection from fire, rot, and outside sound. Stucco paint is energy efficient and offers aesthetic look to the property. Overall, it results in greater home value adding thousands of dollars to your home’s market value.

Decreased home insurance premiums

As stucco is featured to better withstand natural disasters like fire and earthquakes, durability and low maintenance cost, it helps to decrease home insurance premiums.


Easy and quick to apply

If you use stucco siding, it is easily and fairly quick process. It takes one or two days including drying time. It can be done by hiring local stucco painting and repair services. Hiring the professional services enables you to concentrate on your other important task. This minimizes the disruption to your home routine during the stucco siding is going on.


Stucco needs simple maintenance

Stucco requires very little maintenance even in extreme climatic conditions. Occasional power washing is enough to upkeep its look. It doesn’t require adjusting your schedule; you can do it on weekends or can hire the painting contractor to do the same.


Stucco offers a versatile renovating option

Stucco exterior painting services are expert in applying stucco paint over concrete and even wooden surfaces. Applying stucco is a wise choice for homes of different styles and structures. Talk to a trusted stucco exterior painter USA for the options available in stucco textures for exterior walls of your home.


Stucco is cost effective

Stucco finishing helps saving money on energy bills! Stucco is featured with insulation efficiency that helps to maintain the desired temperature in a home in all weather. Stucco reduces the heating bills in winter and cooling bills in summer.


Benefits of hiring stucco paint specialists

No doubt stucco painting offer special characteristic to the exterior and interior walls. The walls coated with stucco look beautiful and appealing. Stucco keeps the walls and home unaffected even in unfriendly weather conditions. However, painting stucco homes is not an easy task. When it comes to painting home with stucco, you need to consider hiring exterior home stucco painting services.


  • Professional experts are great at stucco painting skills to offer seamless stucco touch to all the exterior of your home
  • Stucco walls require special paint. The painting companies ensure using best paint when painting stucco homes
  • Stucco needs sensitive and experienced painters to apply stucco correctly. The professional stucco painters are expert in determining the correct paint application method to be used and the right number of paint shades to offer the desired result
  • Stucco painting can be successful using right tools. Painting professionals are well-equipped with necessary tools to carry out stucco painting efficiently
  • Professional painters are expert at solving stucco issues. They can take care of different issues prior to painting the structure and offer quality end result


Hiring professional stucco exterior painting company is a smart way to add the desired look to your home. Approach Contractors Bidding to trace the qualified painting services to transform your home into stucco home! The approach most trusted painting contractors suggested by Contractors Bidding for quality and affordability!