Stucco Interior Painting

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Get Your House Look Young with Stucco Interior Painting Services


Stucco is generally seen in many upscale homes. The best solution in Stucco Repair is to paint which erases the damage which is usually left after winter. The major factor is temperature fluctuations which provokes your stucco siding to expand and contract. This results in visible hairline cracks. To add icing on it, dirt and debris become stuffed inside the pores, causing your home to end up looking tired and worn-out.


How to Paint and Renew Stucco


1. Pressure Wash: Before starting with painting your stucco siding, it is necessary to perform a light pressure wash with the help of water-based paint prep solution. It removes all clogged up dirt, debris, mold, and mildew from all over the surface. Go all pro like Stucco Painters.


2. Repair Cracks:  After Pressure wash, with the help of an elastomeric caulking filler which is fifteen times thicker than latex paint, try to seal up all hairlines cracks that are too big to be bridged up by the stucco coating itself and also seal all the imperfections to resurrect all overlook of your home.


3. Mask And Protect: Make sure to mask and protect all the important and necessary surrounding areas and things such as the roof, windows, back and side doors, patio and patio furniture properly so that no paint gets attached to it.


4. Paint Application: After masking, start the Stucco Painting Services process by preparing and arranging the outer area of your home. Thoroughly prepare the area for stucco painting. In fact, most of the time is spent in this step for preparing the stucco for the paint. Once you feel that the stucco surface is completely dried begin with the coating process. Start applying a paint primer to seal up the stucco surface.

Apply a coat of paint followed by additional coats of elastomeric paint. This is a waterproof paint and contracts and expands to make sure that your further years are full of enjoyment. This special type of Paint Stucco coating can also be mixed to almost any sort of color so an individual is not restricted to any of the color choices when it comes to decorating the exterior of your house. Coating wraps are a water-repellent seal that effectively locks out moisture that prevents any future cracking in your house. Once the coating is dried, it will create a hurdle that will help in blocking out stains, mold and mildew which will keep your stucco and your home looking fresh every year ahead.


5. Final Clean-up: After finishing all the task do a final clean-up. This ensures that all your property is safe and proper as it was before the painting process.


What are the Benefits of Stucco?

Interior Stucco Painter, as well as Exterior, makes sure that homes show improved energy efficiency. The stucco layers applied acts like a protective ozone around your home, which makes sure that the house will need less energy to keep heated during the winter season and less energy to keep cool during the summer months. Stucco Painting Services also helps in reducing street noise standards and also act as a fire retardant. Depending on your location and climate, exterior stucco can last for about 50 years.


What Is The Perfect Time To Apply And Cure?

For outer area applications, the stucco plaster should be little wet and should be loose enough so that it can be toweled, this is well understood by any Stucco paint contractor. Sun and wind help in removing moisture from fresh plaster, making it dry very quickly. Overcast days when the temperature is in between 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit are supposed to be perfect for applying the plaster. Also, the curing temperatures should be in between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit so that the risk of wet plaster freezing and also an appearance of cracks in winter is reduced so that the material remains tight and strong.


When Is the Best Time to Paint Stucco?

The best time is after four to five weeks that is when the stucco is cured and the moisture has been evaporated. This ensures seamless painting. This can be done by brushing or spraying by a latex concrete primer. The brush helps to make sure that the primer has covered all the perforations. A top coat thereafter can be applied by using a spray machine or roller brush only after the primer is dried fully. If you want to apply an exterior paint to old stucco siding, you will need to call a washing service so that all the surface dust and dirt that has been clogged over the years is been removed effectively. Stucco Interior Painting contractors will be able to perform this service in a better way.