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Sub Floor Installation - Different Types of Sub Floor Options


Flooring systems work out to be the most important factor to be considered as this needs to bear the weight of the walls, furniture, and roof beside the people. In other words, this flooring system needs to be strong and of a high quality. Here we talk about sub floors and the different types which are available with the sub floor installation contractors. As you have a choice of different materials it is advisable to make a choice of the sub floor services with care and caution. You can seek the help of experienced professionals with a company inclined towards finding different contractors for your requirements and making this whole procedure easy.

Some types of Sub Floor Materials used:

Some information on the different types of sub floors available can make this whole process of choosing easier.

Plywood Sub Floors:

Plywood sub floors are most commonly used for vinyl and wood floors. This is because plywood is one material which can adhere well to the wooden joists and also ensure a surface which is flat. Professional sub floor installation contractors can level this sub floor by sanding in case it is not flat. This type of subfloors are recommended for dry areas as plywood can buckle due to moisture. You have the  sub floor services chosen using quality glue so that the possibility of squeaking or shifting is eliminated.

Tongue-and-groove plywood is a preferred choice for most professionals as the edges tend to interlock to each sheet which is adjoining. This offers a strong and secure base for any type of flooring. Over this sub floor, solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring can be installed with ease.

Concrete Sub Floors:

These concrete sub floors work apt or commercial outlets or probably basements. As it is not possible to nail down any flooring on a sub floor made of concrete, professional floor installation & repair services make use of a strong adhesive to glue the battens down to the concrete. Fastening or gluing the floor to these battens becomes easier. Engineered wood can be glued directly over the concrete.

Plastic Sub Floors:

Places, where water seems to be a problem, the experienced and qualified professionals of sub floor Installation Company, prefer making use of the plastic sub floors. This sub flooring tends to work well under stone and ceramic tiles. This is apt for the basement where it can create a barrier to moisture, preventing any damage to the other parts of the flooring. This subfloor is installed as a floating subfloor or it can also be nailed or screwed in place. These sub floors are also apt as sound barriers.

OSB Sub Floor:

OSB or oriented strand board can either be screwed or nailed down into the joists of a floor. This tends to create a base which is solid for the chosen flooring. Another option is of installing this sub floor as a floating subfloor over concrete. You have most of the floor installation & repair services using this OSB sub floors for laminate and hardwood flooring. The professionals need to ensure the flatness of this board before installing the chosen flooring.

Flooring Grade for Sub Floors:

Considering the flooring grade is important before you install the sub floors or even the normal flooring. This grade is based on the outside ground. In short, you can consider the basements as below grade as they are below the ground level.

Professional subfloor installation services advice against installing solid hardwood floors below grade. This tends to trap the moisture. Engineered hardwood can work out a better option for below grade installation. Though these floors are similar in looks to the hardwood, they can provide a high level of protection in environments which are considered as ‘below-grade’.

For flooring above grade, you need to consider the strength of the specific structure where the installation is required.

Levels of Moisture:

Installation of flooring in areas like the kitchen, bathroom or even the mudroom needs specific factors to be considered. Professional sub floor repair contractors check out the level of ventilation in these areas as the sub floor needs to be kept as dry as the flooring’s top surface. Moisture can be damaging for hardwood floors, be it solid or even engineered. The subfloor needs to be sealed and needs to be even so that water does not pool on any surface.

As this installation of sub floors play such an important role in the flooring and its longevity, our company ensures that the list of sub floor installation services provided to our clients is verified and licensed. Experience does make a lot of difference, and you find most of the contractors recommended by have enough and more experience in the sub floor installation. All you need to do is contact us and give us the basic information of your requirement.