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One of the best ways to utilize your free time is to make money online. The internet provides huge options for making money online. Whether you are a retired person, at home parent, a student, graduate or undergraduate; you can earn handsome income just utilizing your skills. One of the great ways of earning money online is article writing & distribution.

If you are a great writer, you can have the chance to earn extra money by writing articles. Put your writing skills to work helping you make money online! Here are the tips that can help you in this regard! Here are the ways to find right path making money by writing articles for trusted websites! Here are the great options that you can consider for improving your writing skills for enhanced monthly earnings!

What is article writing and distribution?
Article or blog writing is a skill. It is the skill that you can use to provide important information on any topic in the most presented and appealing way. The companies look for good writers who can write articles for them. You can write articles for such companies and can help for money in return. You can even design your own website and publish articles on latest news, trends, etc. If you keep on publishing articles on your website and on different social platforms, your website will get noted by the big companies. These companies might contact you to write articles for them or publish their ads in your article for money.

How to write good and attractive articles?

A good article must nestle these few points:

  • The article should be written in excellent English and should have easy to understand language
  • It should never be confusing
  • It should be free of any grammatical errors
  • It should contain lots of interesting information and never try to fool others
  • It should be attracting to the readers
  • It should contain keywords, links, titles, sub-titles, etc.
  • The articles must be search engine optimized to ensure that it should get appear on the screen whenever visitor searches keywords related to your website
  • It should be 100% original, new and with updated information

The articles those are copied, old, with grammatical mistakes, fake, etc. are often rejected by the article submission websites. So, always be careful while writing the article.

What are the benefits of writing articles and distribution?

There are few specific benefits of writing and distributing them on different social platforms.


  • Most importantly, you can earn handsome income by article submission
  • You can establish yourself, your website, your company profile, etc.
  • More you write, more you submit, the more traffic you get for your website!
  • Your article can help people find more accurate information
  • Submit an article is a great way for your website of company get recognized by search engines
  • Articles are the best place to insert contextual, natural links back to your site
  • Articles play vital role in increasing the visibility of your website on the internet
  • Increased visibility on the internet through article submission service is about being relevant to your users and ultimately your website will be pulled at the top by top search engines


Where to submit articles?
If you do not have your own website, you can publish them with the professional article submission company. There are so many SEO companies waiting for your articles. You can get attached with such manual article submission service where you can put your article on their websites.


How to find right company for article submission?

A good article submission service has following characteristics:


  • They submit your articles manually to article sites
  • Article submission to top most article submission websites along with the relevant tags, description, and keywords
  • They accept only professionally written articles
  • One time delivery and highest approval rate
  • You get detailed report about articles submitted and the articles those are approved and accepted
  • Timely payment


It is always important to make sure that submit some articles services that you are going to work with are trustworthy. There are many fraudulent companies those take your articles and reject for no reason. You do not get any money for the work you have done. Sometimes, the article is uploaded to different websites but you do not receive any monetary benefit at all.


Submit articles to reputed article websites
It is thus necessary to register only with the trusted services only. Make sure that they pay to their clients on time. For this you can ask them for references. Make sure that they are registered and licensed for submitting articles. Make sure that they are good SEOs with good reputation in the market.


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