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Tile Exterior Services - Considerations for choosing Tiles


Even though tiles have been a preferred choice for most homeowners since ages, the charm does not wear off. Keeping the importance of tile in homes in mind, we, at contractorsbidding.com offer you choices in different tile exterior services. These professionals can install the tiles wherever required in a home and also advice you on the right choice. You have a wide range of choices in these tiles and making a right choice can be a little confusing. Here we list some of the factors to be considered when you choosing tiles for a specific space in your home.

Different Considerations for Tile Flooring:

As mentioned there is no limit to the number of tiles available for flooring. You have a wide range of textures, colors, and designs to choose from. Ensuring that you make the right choice can be a little easy after you consider the factors listed below. You can also seek the advice from professionals of tile exterior installation.

*Hardness of the Tiles:

When talking about the hardness of a tile, it is the ability of the tile to withstand scratches and also foot traffic.

1. Class 1: These tiles are apt for walls as these cannot take any foot traffic.

2. Class 2: This type of tiles can withstand light traffic and work apt for interior walls. These are apt for floors which has a foot traffic considered normal. You can use these for bedrooms or bathrooms with no exterior access.

3. Class 3: These works well for countertops and walls and also areas of light to moderate traffic. You can opt for this class for all the rooms except for entryways, kitchens or areas with high foot traffic.

4. Class 4: These can withstand moderate to heavy traffic and can be used in any area of a home, including the entryway and the kitchen.

5. Class 5: This class of tiles can withstand any type of traffic and thus works well not only for homes but also for commercial spaces.

*Slip Resistant:

Tiles are normally slippery and these can be the cause of accidents, especially in the bathrooms or the kitchen. When looking for tiles for these spaces, ensure the tile exterior contractors are informed where the tiles are required for. These tiles need to be chosen with a high coefficient of friction, also termed as COF. It is also advisable to use the smaller tiles in these areas, like the ones that are 4 x 4 or probably smaller.

To ensure this slip-resistant you can think of the ceramic or porcelain, with a textured surface and coatings of slip resistant. Opting for slate works well as this has a natural slip-resistant quality. Small sized tiles like mosaic or glass work well as these have more of grout lines, offering more texture to the surface.

*Durability Factor:

Stone tile works out the best choice for flooring for those looking for extreme durability and the luxury factor. Choosing the apt tile exterior contractors near you, you need to ensure that the quality of the stone chosen is up to the mark. This tends to offer a unique look at these stones are natural and no two stones can be similar. For a seamless look make sure you opt for large sized tiles, minimum 12 x 12. The Local tile exterior contractors ensure that these stone tiles are sealed in the proper manner so that there are no chances of water infiltration. For the durability factor, these tiles need re-sealing after a period of 5 to 10 years.

*Light Color Floor Tiles:

Rooms which are on the smaller side and do not have enough of light need light colored tiles offered by tile exterior builders. You can choose colors like beige, white sand, cream and more. Porcelain/ceramic or marble work apt here. For a seamless look and feel it is advisable to opt for larger tiles. The same tiles can also be used for the walls which can enhance the looks even further.

Reasons for opting for Tiles:

The experienced and qualified tile exterior builders’ advice on opting for tile flooring due to the many benefits offered.

1. Using a carpet for your floor can work in the negative as this tends to retain the heat while tiles, can be the right option as they are cool during the hot summer months and can offer you the cool comfort of your home.

2. Cleaning a tiled floor is easier as compared to the other types of flooring.

3. Maintenance of tiles is cost-effective.

4. You have a wide choice of tiles to choose from.

Contractorsbidding.com is a company which connects you to licensed and qualified tile exterior builders. All you need to do is log onto our website and fill in the required details. You are offered a choice of two or more tile exterior services and you have the freedom to choose in accordance with your requirement and budget Exterior Tile Installation & Repairs.