Toilet Flapper Repair

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Fix A Leaking Toilet Flapper


Most of the homeowner experience leaking toilet, especially when with the aged toilets. There are several reasons for such leaking toilet where water from the tank flows continuously. The issue should be solved out instantly so as to save unnecessary wastage of water and toilet blockage. And for this, you need to undertake the toilet tank repair task.

One of the reasons for leaking toilet is due to worn out toilet flapper. It is a rubber mechanism in the toilet tank that opens to let the water out of the tank when you flush. It gets closed automatically to allow the tank to refill with water for next flush. The button or the handle outside the tank, when pulled, it pulls the chain connected to the flapper. The flappers rise and open-ups the valve between the tank and the bowl thereby let the outflow out from the tank.


Need to Replace Toilet Flapper

These toilet flappers become worse over the time due to the toilet bowl cleaners we drop into the tank or the chemicals used for cleaning the toilets. Sometimes, the toilet flapper may wrap or winkle or worn out and loses strength to seal around the water valve between the tank and the bowl. If you notice a small leak in the toilet tank, prefer toilet flapper repair urgently before it becomes a big issue that can cost you hundreds of dollars of wasted water.


Replacing Toilet Flapper Yourself

The good news is; it is very easy to replace a toilet flapper yourself. Replacing the toilet flapper doesn’t need any tools. The only thing you need is a new toilet flapper. Buying a toilet flapper is a very easy task. You can easily get it with the local hardware shop or at plumbing supplies. You can also buy them online. There are many websites those serve toilet parts on demand. The only thing you need to do is pick the right toilet flapper for your toilet. Once you get the one that best suit to your toilet, follow the instructions for replacing the old one with new.


  • Turn off the water
  • Remove the tank cover
  • Now remove the old flapper by disconnecting the flapper chain from the flush handle lever, then slip the side ears of the flapper off of the pegs from both the sides of the flush valve tube
  • Now install the new flapper simply by putting the new flapper into the place and hook each of the ears of the flapper onto the pegs located on the flush value. Connect the flapper chain onto the handle lever
  • Close the tank
  • Turn the water back on


And you have done it. It is so simple and easy. No tools required! No skill required and no training necessary! Just you need to replace the old flapper with a new one.

Well, if you do not want to put your hands in the toilet tank, removing the old flapper and replacing it with new; the best option available is calling for the toilet flapper repair services.


Hiring the Contractor for Toilet Flapper Replacement

Even though it is a simple and easy task, many homeowners prefer hiring the toilet flapper repair contractors. Hiring the professional is always beneficial. Even though they charge for the services they render, their assistance always ensures quality and correctness.

The professionals carry out the installation of toile flapper in the most professional way. They are expert in the work and it takes few minutes only. They can easily remove the old toilet flapper and replace it with a new. Hiring these services not only handles the task of toilet flapper installation but also guarantees the product and the services rendered. If, in case, in future, you find flapper not working properly, you can immediately call the same professional to sort out the problem.

In case of emergency, you should call the toilet flapper repair near me so that the issue gets solved urgently and you will not experience further leaking of the toilet tank. Though, the services charge you some bucks, you get an assurance of proper installation of the toilet flapper. It also ensures that right toilet flapper is being used that can work excellent for next several years.

Well, when it comes to hiring the professional plumber or toilet flapper installation services; it is worth to hire the professionals from the local area. Hire the reputed professional who can also arrange for new toilet flapper for you. This will save your time on searching for the toilet flapper. Let get it installed by the professional only so that you can feel relaxed and stress free!

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