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Vinyl & Linoleum Flooring - Difference between Vinyl & Linoleum Flooring


Vinyl and Linoleum are two types of resilient flooring which have many similarities and many differences. To determine which of these two flooring can work best for your requirement you need to have the basic information on both these. Once you have made up your mind you can then contact the vinyl and linoleum services and get this installed. Finding the ideal vinyl and linoleum contractors for your requirement can get easy if you contact, a company who can connect you to some contractors which suit your requirement and your budget.


Vinyl: This is a man-made material which is made using petroleum considered as a non-renewable resource. Chlorine, which is an important component of the chemical makeup of vinyl, requires a lot of energy.

Linoleum: This is made of linseed oil which is a natural substance. This oil is mixed with other renewable and natural products for the manufacture of linoleum. This is available as either tiles or sheets and makes use of jute or a canvas backing. 

Look and Style:

Linoleum seems to be very restricted with the options in design. This is capable of offering a simple look and is also susceptible to change in color. Vinyl, on the other hand, tends to replicate the look of stone and wood, which works more appealing as this seems natural. Any design project of an interior works well with the versatility offered by vinyl, but only if you choose the local vinyl and linoleum flooring service of reputation.

Stability and Durability:

Both the types of flooring can be easy to maintain. You need to be aware that linoleum is prone to damage by moisture and this factor leads to high maintenance. With vinyl being chosen from qualified and licensed vinyl & Linoleum Flooring Installers, works out highly resistant to not only spills but any kind of moisture.

Linoleum bought needs to be sealed for greater protection against damage from moisture. Vinyl does not require any such care or maintenance. Linoleum tends to be a little problematic as in the case this is not installed well then it does not tend to be durable, with vinyl there are no problems.

There are limited numbers of cleaning products which are suitable for cleaning linoleum as this is made of natural products. There are chances of the floor getting corroded with the use of just any products. There are no hard and fast rules for cleaning vinyl.


Even the most experienced vinyl & linoleum flooring services find the installation of linoleum floors more difficult as compared to the vinyl floors. The linoleum sheet is glued to the sub floor directly and the surface is then treated with a top coat of sealant for protection against any damage which is moisture related.

Installation of vinyl floors is much simpler as a sheet of vinyl is glued down like linoleum, but this does not require any preventive maintenance.


Opting for linoleum floors from even the most experienced Local vinyl & linoleum flooring contractors you need to be aware that this is more susceptible to water damage. While cleaning this flooring you need to ensure you do not use any water-based methods of cleaning. You need to use a small amount of detergent to remove tough stains but ensure this is immediately dried so that it does not cause any harm. Besides this, linoleum flooring requires re-sealing quite often so that it can maintain the water-resistant quality.

With vinyl, you can use different types of cleaning methods. Most often than not, a regular sweep and a mop are sufficient. Reapplication of the protective wear layer is required only after usage of a few years.

Considerations for Choosing Flooring:

Be it the vinyl flooring or the linoleum one from your chosen vinyl & linoleum contractors, its essential to chalk out certain factors.

* Decide on the style of your choice. You can think of listing your favorite colors and patterns and then work out which flooring is most compatible with this.

* Think about how you make use of the space you require this flooring for. Tiles can be uncomfortable for those who spend a lot of time standing in their kitchen and cooking. Look for flooring which works beneficially for your requirement in more than one way. Seeking advice from the local vinyl & Linoleum flooring can help to a certain extent.

* Planning on a budget can work wonders for your choice. Once you have made up your mind on the amount you are ready to spend on flooring, you can narrow down the choice and make this whole procedure much simpler.

With the experience of professionals at, we ensure you are recommended only those vinyl & linoleum contractors which are suitable to your requirement and your budget. All you need to do is fill in the required information on our website and leave the rest to us.