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Tips on Wall Ceiling Cleaning


Wall and ceiling cleaning is an essential requirement for the annual maintenance of a home or an office cleaning. This cleaning is as important as all the other cleaning and requires enough and more importance. This job might not work out for many, for which you need to opt for the wall ceilings clean services available. Reputation, qualification and experience play an important role in the choice of these services. Keeping these factors in mind, we, at contractorsbiddig.com can help you choose an apt wall ceiling cleaner company near me. We provide specialized services for our customers by connecting them to the contractors in accordance to the requirement.

Cleaning Walls and Ceilings:

Getting a room repainted requires not only planning and effort but can also cost quite a sum. Opting for the wall and cleaning service can work out a reasonable option. Few steps followed for the wall and ceiling cleaning are listed below.

  1. The first step for cleaning the walls adopted by these professionals is dusting the walls. For a high ceiling, these professionals use an extension duster with the long handle. This dusting is from the entrance of a specific room, from the top to the bottom.
  2. Once the dust has been removed, the wall cleaning is carried out by shifting the furniture to the centre of the room so that this is not ruined.


*Sections of the wall are wiped with a sponge dipped in soapy water.


*The area washed s then wiped with plain water. This is then dried.

*Every wall is cleaned in this manner, moving in the clockwise direction.

*the walls need to dry for at least half an hour before any other stains are treated.
The above procedure is apt for painted walls.


Cleaning Wall Paper:

Before the cleaning of the walls with the wallpaper, the wall ceiling cleaner ensures to go through the instructions of the manufacturer. You have wallpapers which are termed as ‘washable’. These wallpapers can be cleaned following the procedure mentioned above. The only difference being is that the sponge should not be as wet so that there is no saturation of the paper. A spot-test is advisable to ensure that the wallpaper is washable.

Non-washable Wall Paper:

These wallpapers need vacuuming with the help of a soft brush attachment. For grime which tends to be on the stubborn side, you need to use the dry cleaning sponge.


These walls need to be vacuumed before you wash them. These are washed like the painted walls. 

Reasons for opting for Professionals:

Many of us would prefer handing over this job of wall ceilings cleaning but it is advisable to opt for professional wall ceiling cleaning contractors as they have the experience and the required knowledge of the cleaning methods and also have the apt equipment and cleaners which work well for wall and ceilings.  

*Besides this, chemicals used for the wall and ceiling cleaning can emit an odor which can lead to breathing problems. The local wall and ceiling cleaning have the knowledge of the methods used for protecting themselves from this. These experienced professionals also offer you a choice of chemicals which work out friendly to the environment.

*Cleaning of the ceilings is not as easy as the cleaning of the walls. There is a possibility that you might require a ladder. This can be dangerous if you are not careful. There are chances of you falling and breaking a leg. Wall and ceiling cleaning DIY is so not worth it. A little money spent can spare you from physical and mental tensions.

*Specific stains on a wall are best handled by experienced wall ceiling company near me as they know which solvents work well for a specific type of stain. They are qualified to handle this cleaning and are knowledgeable.

*With a small mistake you can spoil the total look of your wall. This is as we do not have the knowledge of specific wall and ceilings methods.

*Wall and ceiling cleaning by experienced wall ceilings clean services tends to extend the life of the ceiling. There is no further expense required in repairing or replacing this.

*With this cleaning you have a home which is sanitized and disinfected. This is opting for a ‘healthy’ option for the wall and ceiling cleaning.

*As mentioned, different types of walls require different types of cleaning and thus, professional wall ceiling contractors work well for any home.

Keeping the above factors and reasons in mind, you can contact our company, contractorsbidding.com. We can help you get in touch with the right professionals in accordance to your requirement. We refer 3 to 4 contractors and leave the final choice to our customers. You have the option of comparing the different services along with the prices before making a choice. All you need to do is fill in the required information on our website.