Wood Baseboards

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Customized Wood Baseboard Moldings


Express your own personal style with a wide range of wood baseboard moulding! Add diverse baseboard moulding to your home and show off your style and architectural interest!

A home decorated with architectural moulding offer a feel of timeless elegance and grace. With a wide range of baseboard wood molding, you can add grace to your home. Doesn’t matter whether you have traditional style home or the modern one, wood baseboard molding definitely transform the space into an elegant and beautiful space.

About baseboard moulding
The wood baseboards are the base or striking used to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor. The wood baseboard molding serves stylish options to choose from. You can have traditional, country, arts & crafts, and modern styles that can suit best to your home’s interior. Well, there are choices available in wooden baseboard mouldings. You can have wood baseboard mouldings made from red oak, white oak, knotty pine, hard maple, soft maple, walnut, primed, polar, mahogany, MDF primed, and white hardwood. There are hundreds of baseboard profiles available at different wood baseboards company serving lots of options to bring uniqueness and elegance.

Installing baseboard moulding
If you decide to do-it-yourself, you need to follow the tips, instructions, and steps properly so as to bring accuracy in your work. Here are the guidelines for cutting and installing the baseboard moulding on your own:

1)Removing the old baseboard trim

2)Measuring the perimeter of the room (measuring each wall and outside corner)

3)Selecting and purchasing the materials

4)Measuring and cutting the outside corners with the help of miter box and hand saw

5)Decide whether to miter or cope the inside corners

6)Sanding the baseboard

7)Installing the baseboard

8)Fill in the gaps

9)Apply finish coat of paint or varnish

There are numerous tools available in the market to make your work easier, accurate, and simple. Well, to make the work more perfect, it is recommended to hire baseboard wood molding contractors near you who are expert in baseboard trimming and installing work. They have qualified and skilled labors expert in cutting the baseboard exactly as per the need. They use sophisticated tools to make the work easier, for precise cutting, and for perfect installation of the baseboard.

Wood moulding supplier serves quality baseboard moulding those can perfectly fit the room’s interior. There are various kinds of baseboard mouldings. Well, the best one is made up of wood. Wooden baseboard mouldings are always long lasting and durable. Again, there are several options open in wooden baseboard moulding. You can choose red oak, white oak, knotty pine, walnut, hard maple, soft maple, primed, polar, mahogany, MDF primed, and white hardwood. Hundreds of profiles are available in wooden baseboard mouldings to choose from that can best suit your interior and budget.

Custom baseboard mouldings
Give character to your home by using custom moldings! Choose one that can best suit your home’s theme!

  • Plain baseboard style
  • Vinyl baseboard styles
  • Back-profiled baseboard
  • Major trim profiles
  • Rounded or stepped baseboard
  • Flat baseboard moulding
  • Sculpted mid-height baseboard trim
  • Sculpted taller baseboard molding


Materials to be used for baseboard molding
When it comes to design custom wood baseboards it is worth to decide the style and materials of the baseboard trim. Each material has its own benefits and downsides.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
MDF is comprised of wood fibers, resin, and other products. MDF baseboards are reasonable and budget-friendly. MDF wood baseboard mouldings can quickly shape into a variety of shapes. They come either primed or need to be painted. They are simple to cut and ideal to be used if the home owner is do-it-yourself for the first time.

Pine serves affordable and softwood baseboard easy for trim. It is a fantastic low-cost option for baseboard moulding.

Wooden options
Wood is the finest option for baseboard moulding that offers high-end look to any house. Several kinds of woods are used for baseboard moulding. Oak is the most popular trim type used for offering royal touch to baseboard molding. Mahogany and maple are also excellent materials for baseboard moulding that can last long for several years unspoiled. Softwoods are also perfect for baseboard moulding, especially if doing at home. Softwoods are easy to cut and trim that makes easier to add style in baseboard trimming.
Wooden baseboard mouldings give flexibility in the design choices. The wooden baseboards are usually light in weight, can be painted and offer natural baseboard to the most fashionable home’s interior.

Hiring the best and reputed wood baseboards services for baseboard moulding actually makes it easier and cost-effective option. If you decide to do-it-yourself, you need to invest in the tools, find contractors from where you can purchase the baseboard materials. Instead, give a call to Contractors Bidding, the team of expert wood molding suppliers and craftsman and give your home an outstanding touch.