Wood Deck Construction

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Different Materials and Designs for Wood Deck Construction


Custom decks built by qualified and well reputed local wood deck contractors tend to be beneficial for most homes. As we know every property tends to be different and this wood deck construction done after keeping the overall property in mind can work beneficial and enhance the total looks of any home. Decks can be considered as a store room or even an office space, depending on how this is designed and how much space is used. Leaving this job to the experienced wood deck construction company can save you from uncalled for tensions. Understanding this confusion of many homeowners, contractorsbidding.com takes over the responsibility of connecting our customers to the apt local wood deck contractors according to their requirements and also the budget.


Different Deck Designs:

Before getting hold of a wood deck construction services it is advisable to decide on the type of design you are looking for in your deck. Here we list some of the options you can go through.

1. Platform Decks:

These decks are simple decks which are attached to dwellings of a single level. As these decks tend to be close to the ground there is no requirement of any railings. For adding style and the required function you can plan on adding bench seating, planters, angles, curves a sunburst railing or even a gazebo. You can let your imagination take over with the design of this deck and leave the rest to wood deck Construction Company. Ensure that these decks use pressure treated structural material and at least two coats of protective sealer s used as these decks are close to the ground and need that additional protection.

2. Raised Decks:

Raised decks are ideal for houses with first floors. A wood deck construction company advises on having railings and staircases for additional safety. The foundation posts of these decks are exposed and can be covered with skirting or foundation planting.

3. Two Storey Decks:

These two storey decks are apt for the upper levels of a home as they provide the required access to the outdoors. The required bracing and structural posts pose an aesthetic challenge to any wood deck construction company. The structural posts can be covered with decorative boards.

4. Multilevel Decks:

A series of decks connected by walkways or stairways constructed by experienced local wood deck contractors work perfect for sloped lots. These types of decks are beneficial as they allow the homeowners to have one level of the deck close to the house where they can entertain their guests and another level probably close in the shade of the trees, with the third level open to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

5. Freestanding Decks:

Wood deck construction by experienced local wood deck contractors offers an option of the free-standing decks which are ideal for those where the construction of a home does not allow for a ledger board. As these are not attached to a home you can highlight the best area of your home. These work as natural extensions of the landscape when constructed overlooking a garden.

6. Side Yard Deck:

Side yard is areas which are not used by homeowners. Constructing a deck here is using the space in an efficient manner. This provides a perfect secluded getaway for all those looking for some peace and quiet.

7. Swimming Pool Deck:

Decks around a pool tend to be a sensible option as these are slip resistant and can be a perfect place to relax. All you need to do is ensure that the sanding and sealing are done only by professionals so that this maintained in the right manner.

Different Types of Decking Materials:

Now that you have decided on the deck design it is time to make a choice of the material you need. You can leave this decision to the professionals’ of deck construction services or make a study of the different options available and make a choice.

* Cedar and Redwood:

Cedar and Redwood are two materials which offer a good amount of durability. Besides this, this wood is resistant to insects and molds and does not decay easily. Easy to stain and seal, these two types of wood also work out fire resistant.

* Pressure treated Materials:

Places with the good amount of humidity need to look for pressure treated materials used by local wood deck contractors. This material does not swell, wrap or split with ease and is also protected against insects. You can look forward to the longevity of at least 3 decades with this choice, but only if it is well maintained.

* Plastic and Wood Composite:

You find that the residential wood deck construction companies prefer composite materials due to the minimum maintenance required. These materials can provide elegance which matches the decks made of wood.

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