Create a Drupal Template

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How to build your website using Drupal

Drupal is a content management system (CMS) which is used to make website and web application. It has features like excellent security, reliable performance, easy content. Drupal system manages all the contents in web pages in a particular website, like content save, content delete, content edit etc. It is an open source which means this can be used by the users without paying any cost. The community support is very strong inDrupal services. There are many themes and modules are free of cost in this service. In this service, a user can easily manage the different role of different content. It is very safe and secures CMS as well as it is a device friendly tool.

Why you use Drupal…?

Drupal is an open web content management where a user can connect their organization to visitors, customers at any time with free of cost. Drupal is well equipped with various features which are suited exactly for heavy content complex websites as well as websites containing a large library of resources and databases. Drupal site is user-friendly for writers, editors and site administrators who do not have any experiences on HTML and coding.

Steps to Create a Drupal Template:

To make Drupal website look the way it should be, themes should be used. HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), JavaScript and various others front-end assets are used to implement a particular design for the site. The theme which exists in the HTML framework can be edited just by making some necessary changes in the necessary templates.

To create a Drupal template service you have to go through this steps mention below:

Step1: User has to define a theme in a file with the extension of [file name] .module. Add a code to form template.

Step 2: Template is called.

Step 3: Create a template.

Drupal Development:

Programmers use the programming language like PHP, scripting language like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to alter Drupal by creating modules like this user can do the templates development with Drupal.

Custom Theme Development:

User has to follow the following steps for Drupal custom theme development.

Step 1:  For the development of the custom theme, one has to create a theme folder and a file with the extension of [file name].info file.

Step 2: One has to create CSS style sheets.

Create a Custom Module:

To create user’s own custom module in Drupal, following steps have to be followed:

Step 1: Create custom folders:  Create a folder under the root directory of Drupal. All these custom modules are created inside this folder.

Step 2: Create empty files: Inside the custom folders, do create 2 empty files-

i)>description of the module

ii) custom .module=> contents the code

Step 3: PHP open tag insertion- In any text editor open the custom. module file and insert a PHP open tag in the file and save it.

Step 4: Defining module setting – Some settings have to be defined in the custom. module file for accessing it via URL to view the content.

Step 5: Themes managing- To manage the code a separate file should be created to manage themes. This can also be done by writing the above code into the custom. module file.

Step 6: Insertion of themes file- Include custom. theme. inc file in the custom .module file.

Step 7: Insertion of code- Accesses the custom- list.tpl.PHP file in the text editor and add the PHP  code for the creation of custom module in Drupal, and save it. Like this one can create a custom module with the custom theme template.

Drupal Design Services:

Being a Drupal designer is one of the professional ways to build a carrier part in the IT industry.
Drupal services involved the designing of different websites, such as- simple booking process to a complex reservation system. Drupal website is interactive and thoroughly focused on action triggering. Drupal websites are compatible with all the browsers. These websites build in Drupal comes with responsive designs which decrease the additional cost of making any site responses.

About Drupal Development Services:

Drupal is a flexible CMS with various features that can moulded to suit customer requirement. There are various Drupal development companies who offer Drupal development services which are delivered by a team of professionals who has in-depth knowledge of using Drupal frameworks effectively and have the experiences of building some very complex web applications.

Custom Template in Drupal:

Drupal custom templates help the developer to get desired HTML output by creating  Drupal custom page very easily. User doesn’t have to depends to any others templates because it might not be similar to the content or requirement by Drupal default themes.