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need some excel work services or data entry jobs! Rely on trusted and respected experts Contractors Bidding where you can find honest work from home data entry companies.

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If you are enthusiast looking for an extra income working online or working from home, data entry job can be a sustainable source of income. Whether you are a retired person, a student, a stay at home parent or looking for a part-time work from the comfort of your home; take great earning opportunities available at professional outsourcing companies offering data entry jobs.

What is Data Entry Work?

A data entry is a task that involves entering data from various sources into the most systematic manner. Such analyzed data is then used for processing and management. The data is used by other people for preparing reports or further reference. In data entry job, the candidate needs to manage efficiently a large amount of data which is often confidential and sensitive. The data entry work includes handwritten documents, excel work, computer codes, sequencing of numbers, names and addresses. Sometimes it is just inputting the words or numbers in a given format.

What are the Responsibilities of the Data Entry Jobs?

A typical data entry operator must shoulder a set of responsibilities such as:

  • Preparing and sorting out the documents for data entry
  • Entering the data into the software provided by the data entry companies
  • Ensuring the accuracy of the data that has been inputted
  • Keeping data backup
  • Testing new database systems
  • Testing software updates

What are the Qualifications required for doing Data Entry Work?

Most of the companies hire the candidate who has passed formal education. However, the certain skills are expected to carry out the work efficiently. Such skills include:

  • Computer literacy and familiarity with computer programs and applications like MS office (especially MSWordd and MS Excel)
  • You should have a broad knowledge of the internet
  • Good typing speed
  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge of grammar and punctuation
  • Desire to work with greater flexibility
  • Ability to work with time constraints
  • Ready to work with deadlines
  • High tolerance for repetition as most of the data entry work is repetitive
  • The ability to clearly and effectively communicate

Which Equipment do you require for carrying out Data Entry Job?

  • A computer or laptop with applications like MS office and other tools to suit any data entry job
  • High-speed internet access
  • A number pad in case of data entry of numbers

What are the benefits of choosing Working from Home Data Entry Jobs?

  • You don’t need much training
  • No need to take a graduate degree, a high school degree or formal education is enough
  • No need to have any practical background of doing data entry
  • No special equipment or software required
  • You can work as per your convenience and as per your own schedule
  • You can work from the comfort of your home or from any cyber care
  • It doesn’t need huge investment
  • You don’t have to start up a business for data entry job

What are the types of Data Entry Work?

Data entry job includes various kinds of data entry. It can be in the form of numbers, letters, calculations, etc. Here are some of the best data entry job options:

  • Data entry keyer where the candidate enters data from licenses, cheque, etc.
  • Word processor or typist where the candidate creates letters, reports, mailing labels, etc. The work also includes using statistical data for creating charts, graphs, and tables
  • Transcriptionists where the candidate type a data that he or she listen to a dictation
  • Data entry clerks where the candidate enter information into a database
  • Online form filling where the candidate fill up numerous forms online by entering the data provided or researched
  • Overall, data entry task include uploading data, updating data, organizing data, checking the data for accuracy, deleting or modifying the data, etc. The candidate can get paid for the work done, generally forthrightly. The payment is done on the basis of per word, per keystroke, per piece, or hourly wage.

Which Companies offer Data Entry tasks?

Generally, the data entry tasks are available at multinationals and IT companies. These companies need a great number of data entry candidates for entering the data. Along with these companies the telecom, healthcare, finance and retail industries to hire data analyzer.

How to avoid working with fraudulent Data Entry Organizations?

There are many data entry organizations that provide real jobs. But there are few organizations that are fraud. Never get scammed with such companies. Identifying a fake data entry job offer is very significant.

Avoid working with the companies or never get scammed by the companies:

  • Offers you a job without usual job interview process
  • Ask for a free to help you train
  • Ask you to pay for extra training and certification
  • Request for your personal information

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